Blog July 1st, 2021

by Katre Trei, Employee Engagements Project Manager

A different kind of challenge at work

Nortal’s extensive family of experts eat challenges for breakfast, which is why we do our best to offer them some crazy assignments and also to have some fun with their team.

Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic started, we explored different ways to keep our positivism at Nortal. We know that people at Nortal can get incredibly competitive (in a good but still awe-awakening way), and we tried to find means to embrace that through laughter, fun, and health initiatives. This is how Nortal Championship was born.

This year we are back!

Nortal Championship is a combination of sporty, mindful, and fun challenges lasting throughout the month. Each Monday, team captains receive a list of challenges that must be completed within 7 days. The more team members complete the challenges, the more points the team receives. The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise engagement through fun challenges.

At the beginning of May 2021, they stormed into this year’s Nortal Championship with high hopes and, to be fair, a little apprehension, not knowing what will be thrown at them. They were put to the test from week to week, forcing them out of their comfort zone, showing us what they are made of. As Nortal Championship is not only about athletic achievements but also about having fun and challenging yourself in previously unimaginable ways, each weekday was devoted to a particular type of challenge: Mindful Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Tricky Thursday, Fun Friday, and Crazy weekend. And so, Nortal’s champions flexed their muscles, twisted their bodies, and danced the week away.

If you want to try some of the crazy challenges yourself, click HERE.

A month of challenges: What kept the teams motivated?

EveryDayIsChestDay, 1st place at Nortal Championship 2021

“Eveli was very eager to get good results, which motivated us to do better as well,” said Kalevi from team Vali Mind, which achieved 2nd place. “Once we realized how well we were doing, we just wanted to continue getting great results!”

My team members were the greatest motivation,” shared Toomas Aleksander from team EveryDayIsChestDay, which won the Championship. His team member, Kert, added: “I was inspired by cool challenges, even if it took me a few days to recover from them!” Their third team member, Miron, admitted that being the runner-up team last year was the biggest motivation to win this year, “We motivated each other by doing challenges together,” he said. “For example, I never thought I would be able to do the stick challenge, but once Kert and I tried it together, we actually succeeded!”

Thomas from team AG “Go and Hang up (3rd place) agreed that the team spirit and competitiveness of the challenges were very propelling. “We were motivated to try new exercises and have fun together,” he explained.

Week in and week out, it was amazing to see how the teams motivated each other and took on challenges they had never tried or even heard of before. Looking at the pictures and videos of each week’s challenges, and seeing how funny, creative, and sporty my awesome Nortal colleagues are, was by far the best part of my week.

Until next year! And don’t forget to try some of our crazy challenges!

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