Data and Artificial Intelligence

We’re on the brink of the largest shift in productivity since the industrial revolution – and we can help you to discover the possibilities and adapt to the new reality.

Nortal Tark – Accelerating the adoption and value of AI

Do you want to minimize repetitive manual work? Do you want solutions that generate real value? Do you want to get an edge on your rivals – fast?

Our tailor-made industry AI solutions can deliver competitive advantage for your organization.

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Keep pace with accelerating digital change

AI is already changing everything, and the pace of change is accelerating fast. It’s leading to a future where data is used to massively increase employee productivity and reduce and eliminate menial and repetitive work. AI will also optimize business processes and supply chains beyond human comprehension and create invisible services that simply work – without the customer even knowing they exist. 

Be ready for the future

We can help you to get future ready by accelerating your understanding of AI. Our team will support you in building a strategy and roadmap that takes you from learning the ropes of AI to adopting it as part of your everyday business. Our data and artificial intelligence services include: 

AI Strategy Consulting

Understand the impact of AI and discover how your business can leverage AI tools and products.

AI-powered Engineering

Integrate AI tools with delivery pipelines to accelerate delivery.

AI-enabled Business Services

Integrate AI with business services to innovate new products and services.

Data Strategy Consulting

Establish a strategy for acquiring and managing data while navigating related regulatory compliance concerns. Use data for commercialization and creating business value, and planning a roadmap for related technology options, interoperability, data platforms, skills, and ways of working.

Data Science Consulting

Uncover insights and business value in operational data through research, exploration, hypothesis-setting, and data modeling.

Business Analytics Platform Engineering

Create business platforms for management reporting and decision making.

Data Migration Strategy and Implementation

Assure the correct approach to data is used when transitioning to new products and platforms.

Oman's census transformation


people’s data collected in an e-census project for Oman


data quality


of data collected and used for customer analysis and personal data access control


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