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Investor blog

Building a Seamless Society

We bring together world-class strategic consulting, software engineering, data and design practices to create meaningful impact for our customers – and shape the future together.

Nortal expands in Germany


Nortal expands in Germany

Nortal acquires Schütze, a leading strategic consulting and software engineering company in Germany. The merge strengthens Nortal’s expansion strategy in Europe, creating a transatlantic digital transformation powerhouse of 1000 experts.


Our Offering

We close the gap between strategy and implementation

We help simplify and optimize the inherent complexity of running and scaling any operation and create digital transformation to increase agility and resilience in a fast-changing environment. As new challenges continue to arise in managing global supply chains, providing better experiences to end-users, increasing business resilience or figuring out secure ways for data exchange in healthcare or government, we are making sure your organization is ahead of the curve.



Real people, real impact

We believe in thinking big – creating solutions that have a meaningful, far-reaching impact, whether through better tax systems, improved healthcare or more convenient telecom services. Our projects have touched more than half a billion people’s lives worldwide, and we’re just getting started. Join us!


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