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Building a
Seamless Society

We combine a strategic approach and data-driven technology in order to simplify and optimize processes for governments, business and healthcare. Read about the areas where we promise and deliver meaningful impact on a global scale.



GDPR is not as scary as you’ve been lead to believe. Instead of seeing it as a survival threat, we see it as a great opportunity to turn your compliance costs into investments in new, data-driven business models. With DeepScan, you can find your new competitive edge.

What we do

Ease of Doing Business

Helping governments maximize societal wealth and efficiency by building a thriving business climate using cost-effective public administration systems.

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Digital Healthcare

Remaining effective in the face of rising costs and shrinking resources is a major challenge for today’s healthcare industry. Digital Healthcare solutions create substantial advantages that are ultimately beneficial to us all. Nortal offers a comprehensive portfolio of medical IT products and solutions that will re-engineer your process for maximum effect and efficiency.

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Revenue Science

The role of marketing and sales is evolving. Buyers have taken control over their information consumption. Revenue Science aligns your revenue drivers and transforms data into intelligence.

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Electronic Identity

Electronic Identity (eID) management is the key to building trust and stability in the online environment.

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Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution utilizes data to the fullest. Change industrial operations from tedious to transformational with machine intelligence, the industrial internet of things, cloud computing, and automation.

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Public Finance Management

Public finance management forms the fiscal backbone of the government. From fiscal policy making and assessment to implementation of the budget cycle, Nortal has been responsible for reforming fiscal efficiency worldwide.

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Big Data Analytics

Discover the value of your data. Being a smart connected enterprise means that you can seamlessly stream and analyze big data to find hidden information within your business.

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Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens data protection for individuals within the EU. Nortal’s big data –based secure and predictive approach to enterprise level data management provides GDPR compliancy and generates business value.

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Nortal Summer University

Kick-start your IT career

Propel your internship far beyond traditional education, launching you straight into high-impact projects. More than a short-term “student” opportunity, this exceptional program will help you jump the line to take the quicker path to professional success. Open to select candidates from Estonia, Finland, Serbia and Lithuania who are serious about jump-starting their careers in IT!

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