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In the summer of 2023, I had a thought: why not infuse a bit of work into our family vacation to Spain and Portugal? With that in mind, I embraced a remote-first approach. I kicked things off as a Nortal Nomad for the initial week before our official vacation started. Naturally, my family, including my wife and three kids, joined in on the adventure.

We started in small town Casares, not too far from Malaga, Spain, a wonderfully convenient spot.

It offered shops, beaches, and various activities to keep my family entertained while I was working. Surprisingly, Malaga’s internet, while not Lithuania-speed, proved reliable. My workspace with a view of mountains allowed me to dive into meetings and tasks seamlessly, all while enjoying the change of scenery. The sun and sea were more like motivators than distractions.

In the evenings, we rewarded ourselves with cold Tinto de Verano, delicious Spanish food, and a dip in the sea.

Mexico is also on the radar, given our company’s expansion plans.

For those considering remote work with family abroad, remember to keep the kids entertained, perhaps with a pool, and ensure a stable internet connection for online meetings. As for our next destination, the Balkans seem promising. Mexico is also on the radar, given our company’s expansion plans. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between work and adventure.

Recap of the journey


weeks on the road


countries pinned on the map


roadtrip crew members – Taraila family

Man taking a selfie with the sea in the background

So, if you ever contemplate taking your work on the road, rest assured, with some planning, it’s entirely achievable and might just become the best decision you’ll ever make.

Mindaugas Taraila

Mindaugas Taraila

LT Country Manager

Vilnius, Lithuania

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