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Just over a year ago, after working in the HR field for 12 years, I decided it was time for something new. I felt a calling to explore the IT industry, and since I had never gotten around to finishing my studies in Software Development, I decided now was the time. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and, at the age of 40, start a completely new career path. This path led me to my current job as a Solution Specialist at Nortal. I had been working remotely in my previous job, and Nortal’s flexible remote work policy was pivotal in my decision to apply and join the company.

My wife and I enjoy blending work and leisure by traveling while working remotely in different places in Finland. Our camper van allows us to roam from southern Finland’s archipelago to Lapland’s stunning mountains.

Last summer, we headed north to Inari in Lapland to spend two weeks working while exploring new places. Our route took us through a tapestry of landscapes, from dense forests to expansive lakeshores, each unveiling a new facet of Finland’s amazing nature. Camping at serene lakesides and picturesque mountain spots allowed us to soak up all the tranquility, serenity, and beauty nature has to offer.


Equipped with solar panels, large batteries, a toilet, a shower, and all essentials, our camper facilitates long stays on the road. Occasional visits to camping areas provided opportunities for showers, battery recharge, water refill, and laundry. I brought an extra screen for comfort to enhance my work setup, as I find it challenging to work solely on my laptop for longer periods. I’ve also made electrical adjustments to ensure reliable internet access, which is crucial for remote work on the road.

My days were devoted to work and evenings filled with adventure amidst Lapland’s enchanting wilderness.

Picture yourself sitting by a lake and hearing nothing but the rhythmic sound of the waves as you tap away at your keyboard. You can’t get much better than that if you ask me.

As spring arrives, our excitement builds up for another season of adventures in our camper. Next, is service work like changing the oil and checking the tires, and then we’ll be ready to hit the road! The list of destinations is almost endless, each promising unique experiences and adventures.

Recap of our year in the camper


kilometers on the road


nights spent on the road


lakes visited

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone who can embrace the Nortal Nomad lifestyle and travel while working remotely. Even an extended weekend getaway can provide a refreshing change of scenery and boost your motivation and inspiration.

Ronie Oljemark

Solution Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

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