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Leading the way in data-driven business

Digitalized business means employing data to improve quality and production, reduce waste, and allow expansion to new business models. We are forerunners in leveraging operational technology with hybrid cloud- and data-driven solutions in manufacturing, logistics, and construction. 

For 35 years we’ve partnered strategically with leading global industries to simplify and optimize complex processes, gaining efficiency, agility, and sustainability, helping our clients achieve sustainable growth at scale.  

In manufacturing, we’ve delivered impact in metals and mining, forestry, machinery and equipment, the food industry, as well as in retail automotive. In infrastructure and construction, we’ve helped clients achieve sustainable growth at scale through reshaping supply chains, creating resilient operations, and keeping workers safe with technology. We’ve helped transportation and logistics companies build efficient operations, meet sustainability goals, and create seamless customer experiences. 

Decades of experience


We’ve delivered data-driven solutions for leading enterprises in metals and mining, forestry, the food industry, machinery and equipment, automotive retail, and more. We transform strategy into technology, taking full ownership of the process. 

Infrastructure and Construction

Whether it’s reshaping a supply chain, creating resilient operations, or keeping workers safe with technology, our solutions help our clients achieve sustainable growth at scale.  

Transportation and Logistics

We solve the most complex and advanced digitalization projects helping our clients create efficient operations, meet sustainability goals, and construct seamless customer experiences. We are expert in orchestrating supply chains, real-time data, and simulations. 


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Adam Lorenz, Chief Estimator at Sellen Construction

Project Truffle Pig has exceeded my wildest dreams for what I thought was possible from what I believed would take years to accomplish.


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Harness the power of data

We digitalize your business from the shop floor to the customer door, bringing you two steps ahead of the game – and your competitors.

IT/OT Convergence

We help you combine information technology and operational technology, so digital information may see, comprehend, and influence your operational world. It is seamless and secure, both in the cloud and at the edge.

Data Platform

Only when you control your data can you exploit your business’s full value. Real-time, automated data collection allows your business to work to its full potential. Taking advantage of streaming, micro-batch and bath modes of data and digital twin models to provide understanding and insight on your data.

MES/MOM Applications

This is the cockpit from which you monitor and control all factory floor activity. MES/MOM makes operations transparent, lean, and agile when combined with Industrial IoT, digital twins, advanced analytics, and modern frontline worker tools.

Supply Chain Management

Our work in planning and logistics orchestrates the entire supply chain to balance supply and demand by employing real-time data, simulations, and optimization.

Data Analytics

The most well-run organizations are data driven, with fact-based decisions enabled across the entire organization. We optimize your existing processes and bringing value through innovative AI and predictive maintenance solutions.


Our global partners offer both commercial- and open-source software products in order to take full advantage of your data. We are experienced in evaluation and selection of the solutions according to your company’s current state and future strategies concerning digitalization and IoT.

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