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Customers and employees expect more in terms of efficiency, user-friendliness, and resistance to potential cyber threats. We can help you establish a competitive strategy for technology and engineering, support the transition to modern ways of working, and accelerate your digital strategy. 

Technology Strategy and Consulting

Learn how to navigate and leverage technology’s complex landscape to grow your business sustainably. 

Thriving companies are faced with difficult decisions on how to strategically allocate IT investments and leverage technology to drive business forward. There is an abundance of choice in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, specialized software, and operational services – plus emerging disruptive technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and drones. This is our expertise. 

Nortal industry Agile Platform and Product Development

Agile Platform and Product Development

Get secure and sustainable products and platforms that scale and enable your business to grow. 

From mission-critical systems for governments, the military, and some of the world’s largest private sector businesses to startups and scale-ups, we’re trusted to simplify complexity and deliver transformational products, services, and technologies. Our teams combine deep technical and data expertise with creative design, innovation, and optimization. We deliver seamless experiences and technologies that are human-centric, intelligent, and value-adding. 

We engineered 40% of Estonia's e-transformation. It is the world’s most advanced digital society.


state services are online


of people file their tax returns electronically


of bank transactions are done online


country to offer e-residency in 2014


of voting done digitally


Leverage and succeed in the cloud. 

The cloud has become the default platform to assure scalability, efficiency, and innovation. With the right strategy, you can be more agile and respond faster to changes in the business environment and customer needs. We can help you: 

  1. establish a cloud strategy
  2. migrate to the cloud and modernize
  3. create private cloud infrastructures 
  4. develop cloud-native applications
  5. develop cloud lifecycle services
nortal industry transformation devops

DevSecOps Transformation

Modernize your engineering capabilities and accelerate delivery.

Using DevSecOps and site reliability engineering practices, our experts and engineers guide you through the complex transition from legacy systems and ways of working. You’ll get platforms and approaches that enable you to quickly and effectively adapt to a changing business environment – while also assuring reliable and secure software delivery.  


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