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Digital strategies for healthcare management

Personalized healthcare for quality, efficiency, and a superior customer experience.

How data makes a population healthier

An aging population coupled with higher expectations from patients means governments and healthcare providers struggle to offer access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. Despite a full tenth of GDP spent on healthcare, it remains a persistent challenge and fertile ground for innovation in service delivery. 

Digital strategies and technologies can improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and transform the customer experience. Decisions based on accurate, standardized data enable a more personalized healthcare experience for patients, and a more efficient use of the taxpayers’ resources.  

Our digital national healthcare solutions fundamentally transform doctor-patient interactions. We are experienced in securely collecting and standardizing data from multiple sources to produce advanced analytics, empowering better decision making in both treatment of patients and distribution of financial resources. 

Nortal Digital Healthcare Advisory and Innovation

Our healthcare advisors have a track record of helping governments improve the quality and efficiency of their healthcare systems with digital strategies and technology. Our teams have led transformations that provide better experiences for all, including patients, doctors, system administrators, and ministry-level officials.  

Nortal Digital healthcare provider

National Healthcare Solutions

Wherever doctor-patient interaction takes place, digitalization is possible. Our solutions have fundamentally transformed healthcare systems by securely collecting and standardizing data from multiple sources in order to produce advanced analytics for better decision making at every level of the healthcare system. 

Digital Healthcare Provider Solutions

Healthcare providers around the world have relied on our solutions to securely manage delicate information, ensuring specialists receive the right data at the right time during the care process. We’ve helped healthcare providers launch new services, expand old ones, and make their systems more efficient, freeing practitioners to concentrate on patients. 

Nortal digital healthcare insurance

Personalized Digital Healthcare Insurance Solutions

Every new generation of a society brings new expectations for healthcare systems. Today’s patients expect personalized experiences and care tailored to their needs. These expectations mean challenges to insurance companies when it comes to the retention of old customers and the recruitment of new. We help insurers leverage data at scale, design digital-first delivery platforms, and meet changing market expectations. 

The solution for space resource management for healthcare

Unlock the full potential of your hospital’s reception rooms with our innovative solution tailored for optimal efficiency and seamless workflow. With the power of modern Microsoft’s technology, we can transform your hospital’s daily routines together!

100 x 

Faster information exchange between Estonian doctors and clinics


Electronic documents processed monthly by Lithuania’s national health service

25 x 

Lower system maintenance costs in Finland

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