Transforming governments, transforming societies

The right digital tools applied properly can dramatically transform citizen-government interaction, changing the way societies work. Public approval of government rises and a nation becomes more attractive for FDI. Digitalization can eventually lead to an improved human development index, not to mention the savings of billions of dollars. 

A digitally-enabled government is citizen-centric, proactively meeting needs when it comes to social security and taxation. A tax return or renewing an identity document becomes a near-instantaneous process, instead of a painful odyssey of queueing in public offices. It literally changes the way citizens interact with and experience their government.

Unique in the marketplace for our holistic approach, Nortal provides end-to-end transformations, reimagining the overall experience and value of services. We speak policy and strategy. We consult, draft legislation, provide impact analysis, design organizations, build capacity, develop cyber resilience, and create digital products and services, all of which culminate in value for citizens. Our trailblazing track record and best practices mean we are trusted by governments around the globe, from Germany to the UAE. 

Proactive Public Services – the new standard for digital governments

Proactive public services aim to automate public services to minimize user and service provider interaction, providing frictionless access to government services. This approach not only enhances user-friendliness but also has the potential to increase policy effectiveness and promote social equity.

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Nortal know-how

Nortal is the company behind what Wired magazine called “the world’s most advanced digital society” — the Republic of Estonia. We also have experience with many other forward-thinking governments around the globe. 

Tools for transformation

We help you transform how a government and society work, redefining the basic fundamentals. Our transformations drive transparency and help nations increase human development and public approval, as well as save billions of dollars.  

  • Strategy consulting for government (scopes of three years and longer) 
  • Policy analysis, drafting 
  • Regulatory impact analysis and legal drafting
  • Organizational design, change management strategy and consulting
  • Transformation management and consulting 
  • Capacity building and substitution
  • Operational management and business process outsourcing
  • Cyberresilience capability development
  • Accelerated delivery of digital services and products  
Nortal public sector digital services

Nortal GovTech: Personalized Digital Government

We believe the best public services are invisible, where a citizen experiences a service with zero or minimal interaction and maximum automation.

Tax declarations take minutes or less, not hours or days. Social benefits need not be applied for—a citizen who is eligible simply receives them. A new identification document or driver license is automatically received when an old one expires. New businesses and bank accounts can be started with ease, securely and in minutes.  

We have pioneered this field, creating the world’s first personalized and proactive public services. We help with policy and strategy and build disruptive new services that ease transformation to a citizen-centric service model. 

Real-time economy: Where policy drives growth

Just as governments once laid railways and established postal networks to enable business and trade to thrive, today we build infrastructure to enable instantaneous transactions and the visibility of data to improve government decision making.  

A census can now be conducted in real time and does not cost millions. Instantaneous, paperless business transactions are used to understand how to support various industries to grow and determine tax liabilities. The job market can be understood as it develops to provide better solutions to mitigate unemployment and grow a talented workforce. Government budgeting becomes efficient, performance-based, and transparent. Subsidies can become targeted to where they have most impact.    

We advise governments on the real-time economy and offer solutions that increase government and private sector efficiency and empower governments with tools for better decision making. 

GovTech Core: Building blocks of a digital government

From digital identity and interoperability frameworks to parliamentary electronic voting and government one-stop shops, our digital government solutions set the right foundation for the digital government to grow and thrive. We have created some of the most advanced digital government building blocks in the world. 

  • Nortal Digital Identity for Governments 
  • Nortal Once-Only Interoperability Platform 
  • Nortal Data Governance Platform 
  • Nortal Government Cloud 
  • Nortal Government One-Stop-Shop 

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