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Nortal creates the building blocks and digital infrastructure used by the world’s most advanced digital societies. We work with governments on policy and strategy and then deliver end-to-end transformations with visible socio-economic outcomes. Our track record has made us trusted by governments around the globe to help accelerate public sector innovation and the renewal of services.


Webinar: Digital government is over. The era of personal government is on the rise

Tune in to our virtual discussion with industry experts Andres Raieste (Senior Vice President of the Public Sector at Nortal), Mihkel Solvak (Associate Professor at the University of Tartu), and Ville Sirviö (CEO of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions). We’ll delve into the future of public services, emphasizing the critical role of trust in digital services and exploring the future of interoperability from a global and whole-of-society perspective.


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personal goverment whitepaper

Personal Government – A vision for a post-digital era of equitable and sustainable public services

Personal government is the future of digital societies: an era of human-centric public services that addresses problems that the “traditional” digital government cannot yet solve.

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Our competencies

We bring our subject-matter expertise and decades of global industry experience to accelerate public sector innovation and renewal of services.

Governance and democracy

We build foundations and services for effective state governance and the strengthening of democracy and trust in civil services.

Social welfare

We create efficient digital social services and foundations that support a nation’s citizens in their everyday life.

Public finance

Our solutions help assure efficient fiscal governance and management and execution of budgets.


Our solutions enable equitable and efficient tax collection with a high degree of public trust.


We help governments increase the ease of doing business, laying the groundwork for FDI.


Our solutions increase the efficiency of justice systems, creating a more equitable society with increased public trust.

Land and resources

Our solutions help governments manage land and resources effectively.


We help governments modernize healthcare systems and make healthcare data accessible and valuable.


We help governments increase the quality and efficiency of the education system.


We help governments achieve ESG goals.


We provide the digital infrastructure and services for the free energy market and smart energy solutions.


Our solutions help celebrate unique cultures and make them more accessible to the world at large.

Nortal know-how

Nortal is the company behind what Wired magazine called “the world’s most advanced digital society” — the Republic of Estonia. We also have experience with many other forward-thinking governments around the globe. 

Nortal public sector digital services

Personal Government: Renewal of public services in the post-digital era

We pioneered the transition from analogue- to digital government, and we’re now inventing the future for the post-digital era: citizen-centric, personalized, equitable, and sustainable public services. We create public services that assure high public approval, policy effectiveness, and efficiency.

Tax declarations take minutes (or less), not hours or days. Social benefits need not be applied for—eligible citizens simply receive them. A new national ID or driver license is automatically received when an old one expires. New businesses and bank accounts are started with ease, securely, and in minutes.

We help governments envision outcomes, forge a strategy and actionable roadmap, and deliver services to the public.

crowd of people in a shopping mall, the real-time economy

The Real-time Economy: The digital public infrastructure that drives GDP growth

A digital public infrastructure built on a free exchange and use of information is the foundation for a highly efficient business environment.

Business transactions and reporting are simplified, and administrative burdens and costs of transactions are brought to a minimum. Government entities then use their real-time insights to fuel the economy, and data become insights that benefit both business and the general public.

We advise governments on the real-time economy and interoperability, and we deliver solutions and services that are tools for better decision making.

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