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Innovation drives revenue

Telecommunication companies no longer resemble the telephone companies they once were. As modern communications, multimedia, and entertainment companies, they compete in a demanding marketplace driven by constant innovation in mobile devices, new media platforms, and wireless technology. 

For over 20 years we’ve worked with the world’s top telecommunication companies to create, design, and implement new processes and products into both back-end technology and customer-facing storefronts. We are versed in devices, the supply chain (e-commerce), retail management, data device repo, legal operations, cloud transformation, and regulatory and compliance issues.  

Our certified engineers and professionals are not believers in one-size-fits-all products, and our full-lifecycle, holistic approach has delivered custom solutions to help our clients thrive in one of the world’s most complicated, competitive, and dynamic sectors.   

Helping customers stand out

We serve over 25 leading Fortune 500 companies in telecommunications, media and entertainment, e-commerce, and logistics. Of particular note is a telecom provider in the United States whose business we helped scale by a factor of five.


scaling of transaction for major telecom provider in the United States


leading Fortune 500 customers in telecommunications, media and entertainment, e-commerce, and logistics


We’re platform agnostic, meaning work with you to find the right fit for your needs. But here are some of commonly used platforms:

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