Winning solutions for a digital world

From digital twins, immersive virtual worlds, and mixed reality to AI-powered personalization, prediction, and proactivity – our Product and Experience teams take a human-centric approach to innovation, optimization and transformation. 

Product and Service Innovation

Create and launch products and services that beat the competition.

We help you create products, services and business models that fill unmet customer and employee needs and quickly demonstrate commercial impact. We use Nortal’s deep engineering expertise to identify the trajectory of existing and emerging technologies – ensuring what we build remains competitive, adaptable and future-proof.

We partner with forward-thinking clients to conceive, prototype, iterate and scale innovations that leave a lasting legacy for organizations and society.

Nortal industries product and service innovation

Customer and Employee Experience

We create seamless customer and employee experiences that are human-centric, intelligent, resilient and valuable.

From improving conversion and reducing costs, to building customer lifetime value and loyalty – we create the visions, strategies, journeys, processes and architecture to align your stakeholders and organization. Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration, deeper customer insights, quantification of pain points, or design and experience capabilities, our teams can help.


Product Strategy and Management

Create product visions, strategies and roadmaps that drive growth and inspire your teams.

Empower your product teams with customer-centric and product-led culture, operations and tools. Make better decisions on prioritization and improve the efficiency of your teams. Our Product teams offer consulting, coaching, training or full outsourcing of product or feature objectives.

Experience Transformation

Transform your organization with outside-in thinking.

We develop new operating models, processes, cultures, technology and data that transform your organization to more efficiently and profitably solve customer and employee problems. We help you identify and cut-out what does not support the target experience. We design, not just for your current customers, but for the potential future customers that can unlock growth. Our Experience Transformation team is your partner to help you drive complex and mission-critical transformations.

Customer centricity evaluation

How customer-centric are you? Our experts benchmark your organization and identify opportunities for innovation and transformation.

Organizational analysis

Understand how your organization’s structure, business processes, systems architecture, data flows, and culture enable or hinder current and future customer and employee experiences.

Experience visioning and strategy

Define an inspiring future state experience to inspire and align stakeholders and investors.

Experience transformation program design and delivery

We design, set-up, and run capabilities and processes for continuous experience innovation and transformation.

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