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Cyber Resilience

Become resilient to secure growth enabled by digital transformation.

Prevent and recover from cyber incidents

We empower you to become resilient: to be able to detect, prevent, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents. Achieving resilience isn’t a destination – it’s a continuous journey improving your people, processes, and technology, along with constant adaption to changing risks.

We are devoted to building high-impact solutions by strengthening organization’s capacity to respond to incidents through thorough assessments, highly realistic simulations, and bespoke capacity building programs.

Mastercard and Nortal: A Partnership for Cyber Resilience

This partnership combines Nortal’s 20-year history in digital transformation and cyber resilience with Mastercard’s ability to drive smarter decisions with better outcomes, leveraging data, technology, expertise, and experience.

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Cyber Resilience Consulting

Understand risks to define and implement strategies to achieve cyber resilience.

Through a deep understanding of your business and cybersecurity posture, we build tailored cyber resilience roadmaps, leveraging our decades of cybersecurity leadership, R&D capabilities and our experience in building mission-critical digital systems for governments and enterprises. We understand that no organization is the same, and design bespoke solutions to best address the risks relevant to you.

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Cyber Simulations, Exercises, and Capability Development

Elevate your organizations preparedness with world-class cyber incident simulations coupled with capability development and training programs.

We develop bespoke scenarios and conduct realistic cyber simulations – from incident response and crisis management plan reviews to tabletop simulations and full-fledged cyber exercises. To develop long-lasting resilience capabilities, we integrate simulations with tailored capacity building programs to enhance competencies within your organization, from creating awareness among your regular workforce to upskilling your cybersecurity specialists.

Coliseum™ Platform and Product Suite

Get the tools and infrastructure to achieve and sustain cyber resilience.

Our proprietary cyber range and highly modular digital twin simulation and capacity building platform supports effective delivery of cyber resilience strategies – from conducting organizational capacity assessments, trainings, and incident simulations to automated delivery of simulated environments and digital twins for secure software development.

An effective organization-wide cyber resilience strategy based on a continuous cycle of assessment-based improvements of your people, processes, and technology can result in an:


reduction in cyber incident recovery time


reduction in the total cost of cyber incidents

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Cyber Resilience Radar

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