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Energy’s digital future

Green transition and technology are ushering energy industries into a new era — companies may either lead or be dragged behind. There is hardly a company in existence not concerned with sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, renewables, and the environment. And all recognize technology is the key to developing solutions. 

Automation leads to lower costs, new efficiencies, sustainability, and productivity. Intelligent integrated software eliminates manual entry, streamlines operations, and harnesses the power of IoT. 

Our pace-layered approach brings value beyond solving the immediate problem, creating backbone solutions to handle massive numbers of transactions, creating differentiation, and giving our clients a competitive edge, all the while supporting innovation and new services. 

We have decades of experience in the energy sector, including energy trading as well as the entire gamut of processes beginning at the molecular-level and encompassing physical-world processes.  

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Sustainability means traceable, transparent, controllable

We believe that sustainability in the energy business is not an end in itself, yet part of the natural continuum for business development through digitalization.   

Our solutions are 

  • traceable – Follow your product from sourcing to delivery, covering even your partners’ parts of the value chain 
  • transparent – Events are fully observable across the whole value chain 
  • controllable – Integrated steering tools and processes give total control 

We’re experienced

The oil and gas-, renewables-, and power and utility sectors are our focus. Known for closing the gap between strategy and implementation, we offer a full range of transformation services to bring energy businesses into the digital world. 

  • Sales and operations planning
  • Counterparty management
  • Trading and operations
  • Oil and gas Logistics: vessels, trains, pipelines, trucks
  • Container logistics
  • Truck delivery logistics
  • Terminal and refinery operations
  • Maintenance and quality management
  • Sustainability compliance and reporting
  • Retail site operations
  • Cards and payment management
  • Management reporting and insight


years industry experience

Tier 1

strategic digitalization partner


years in supply chain management solutions


years of sustainability solutions


billion euros in customer base sales (2022)


of Finnish fuel resale market controlled by our customer (2022)

Tech that transforms energy

Our approach uses ecosystem thinking, agile design and development methodologies and taking advantage of flexible modular architecture, microservices, and APIs. We rely on global technology partners’ leading solutions, both commercial and open-source, and help you leverage solutions that fit your needs.

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