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Traveling has always been a big passion of mine. I enjoy the thrill of discovering uncharted territories, immersing myself in new cultures, trying different cuisines, and collecting new memories. Amidst the hustle of work and daily life, I relax and recover much better when in another city or country than at home. Last year, I worked remotely from Portugal, Spain, France, Hungary, and our summer house in Finland.

One trip worth revisiting is the four weeks I spent vacationing and working from Portugal last summer.

Two weeks were dedicated to vacation and two weeks to working remotely. Our journey began in the Algarve, where the sun-kissed beaches embraced us for a whole week, and the rest of the time, we enjoyed the beautiful mountains of Madeira. Our AirBnB, located up on a hill, provided us with a daily “pinch me in the arm” moment when stepping onto the terrace each morning, greeted by the rising sun painting the valley below in hues of warmth.

To make the most out of your nomad life, the key is to find a routine that works for you.

Due to the time difference, I woke up with the sun between 5 AM and 6 AM to stay in sync with my team. Luckily, I am a morning person, so this suited me perfectly.

I usually started my workdays from our AirBnB while watching the sun rise over the valley below. Around Finnish lunchtime, I enjoyed breakfast or brunch and continued working through the afternoon from a co-working hub in a nearby village with other digital nomads. We would typically end the day by enjoying one of Madeira’s ample hikes with picturesque scenery and top it off with local cuisine.

Recap of the journey


countries traveled to while working remotely


kilometers hiked while nomading in Madeira


kilometers – the furthest away from home I’ve been while working remotely

Greetings from the enchanting Southeast Asia, where I’m currently immersed in the world of remote work! As I navigate my current workcation, my mind is already weaving dreams of our next destination. Next up is probably Italy in the spring or summer. Imagine intertwining work with trattorias, pizza, and gelato – oh, I can’t wait!


Ida-Maaria Autio

Head of Engagement Area

Helsinki, Finland

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