Smart Port

Port innovation through highly efficient streamlined operations, real-time data, and seamless customer journey.

The Smart Port solution is the epitome of streamlined port management. By harnessing the power of service design, data, IoT, and automation, we’ve redesigned all interactions from digital environments to physical contact points at the harbor.

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Smart hardware meets sophisticated software

Nortal’s Smart Port solution for Terminal Traffic Management and automated check-in greatly optimizes the port area utilization, reduces required staff during the pre-loading processes, drastically reduces the number of idling cars (and the resulting negative impact on the environment), and revolutionizes the customer experience.  

How it works

The Smart Port solution provides a holistic view of terminal operations to support every team’s unique needs. Check out how it works and the modules provided:

Create impact


Staff required during check-in decreased


Near real-time pass-through in express lanes 


of employees happy with the ease & use of the system

Imagine the future of terminal…

Just in time

Vehicle passengers can arrive at the terminal just a few minutes before the onboarding begins.

No waiting

In automated lanes, the pass-through takes 2 seconds, and in manual ticket booths, the processing time is decreased by 40%.


Less congestion before the ticket booths and a reduced need for contracted traffic management staff.

Port of Tallinn: Journey to a smarter and greener port

But don’t take it from us. Take it from ports  that are already using Nortal’s Smart Port Solution. 


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Maximize your Port Operations efficiency

Want to know how to maximize efficiency in Ro-Ro Port Operations with using smart technology? We combined all the knowledge for you!

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