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Nortalist: My team has freedom to surprise me

Giving your team the right working environment and enough freedom leads to amazing results, as many managers agree. Maksim Zukov, Project Manager at Nortal, has firsthand experience in building great teams at the company.

“People can and will surprise you, if you let them,” Zukov says. “I have been truly inspired by the potential of every single person I’ve worked with at Nortal. What we can do together, is amazing.”

Zukov is convinced that a good balance means some 20% of framework and rules that apply to everybody equally, the rest should be free playing ground, creating an environment where people can feel safe enough to propose new ideas, even mad ones.

“Seriously, there is no need to over regulate – when you work with people with the greatest potential, why would you want to,” Zukov asks. Instead, to assure a team works like a well-oiled machine, you need support, trust, and some bigger aim to achieve.

Zukov is convinced people should never be in a situation where they feel they are alone – no matter if we’re talking about challenges, problems or even success.

In creating this feeling of togetherness, Zukov’s teams have valued the different events and activities they have shared together. According to Zukov, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter so much what the activity is; what matters is the impact it has on the world, the company, the team and you personally.

No matter if it is a joint event or business venture for the team, Zukov is certain people can do great things if they:
• are and feel engaged
• step out of their comfort zone and accept a challenge
• serve a greater purpose and are free in their activities

Zukov admits, it is risky, but you simply cannot always play it safe. “Safe is usually boring and mediocre,” he says. “Plus, if your team has your back – what can go wrong!”

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