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Nortalist: Creating meaningful impact is a huge motivation boost

Working on a project where the outcome affects a large number of your fellow countrymen is a challenge that can be daunting. Luckily, the people at Nortal see these challenges as motivational boosts.

“Somehow, working on a big project has been so motivating and interesting,” said Esa Mikkola, Application Specialist at Nortal, in an interview with Duunitori. “For me, knowing that the project is helping everyone in Finland adds a huge boost to my motivation. I really want to have it ready because it’s important.”

Mikkola explained that it has been fascinating designing and creating software that is useful for the society as a whole. Since joining Nortal at the beginning of 2017, Mikkola has been working on a large scale international project in Helsinki. The efficiency of the work, the overall systematic approach, and particularly the co-workers, have also impressed him.

“If you feel you are ready for new professional challenges, I certainly recommend you check us out,” says Mikkola encouraging others to consider a career at Nortal. “The challenges I’ve had at Nortal have pushed me to grow so much. I’ve learned so many new things over the past months!”

He has seen that people at Nortal are well cared for, so from the beginning it has been easy for him to concentrate on his work. “There’s a good vibe at Nortal,” he said. “When your company trusts you, you simply want to give more.”

We are hiring! To join Mikkola, have a look at our Careers page.

Esa Mikkola, Nortal

Esa Mikkola

Esa Mikkola, Application Specialist at Nortal, is a software developer with research and development experience with embedded devices. He’s also a keen photographer, mostly inspired by nature and animals. Besides taking photographs, he loves music — one of his hobbies is mixing and mastering audio. To become Mikkola’s colleague, have a look at our Careers page.

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