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Bringing awareness to World Mental Health Day

In the last 2-3 years so much has changed in our society, while the challenges continue to ebb and flow. As we keep adjusting to a new life of hybrid and remote-first work it has become difficult to know how to set clear work-life boundaries. This creates stress and anxiety that pulls us away from the things we love to do and the people we care about most. In the past, mental health has been overlooked and many people haven’t sought out external help due to the fear of being judged. Thankfully, there is now a push for a new narrative. 

At Nortal, we believe that mental health is health. That’s why this World Mental Health Day, we’re partnering with Calm Business to support our employees with an accessible and impactful mental health tool that addresses their stress, anxiety, and sleep needs.

“Employees are looking to their employers to help support their mental and social well-being through benefits and policies. Nortal felt that it was necessary to provide our team with Calm’s premium subscription to advocate for our employee’s health and that of their family. Earlier this year, Leigh Wunderlin, Vice President of People and Culture, implemented giving the yearly subscription as part of our benefits package,” said Grace Abild, People Experience Specialist. “We’ve seen many of our colleagues take advantage of the opportunity this tool provides them, and we’re looking forward to their continued positive experiences.” 

Jeff Warren, the expert behind Calm’s Daily Trip, recommends talking to someone about how you feel. This person could be anyone from a close friend to a licensed psychologist. Language is a powerful tool that we can use as individuals to help identify how we are feeling. The ability to find the words to describe our state of being is a crucial step for mental wellness. To learn more, refer to his blog post here

Our people will always be a top priority for us, and we encourage them to have a healthy work-life balance while taking care of both their mental and physical state. We hope that by being intentional with the opportunities we provide for our people we will continue to create a whole-hearted work environment that focuses on their needs. 

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