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Investor blog

Innovation through technology automation

We help organizations accelerate and scale with elasticity. Our tools? Automation and continuous delivery in the cloud.



Considering Becoming a Software Consultant? 4 Things to Know

Technology continues to disrupt business roles and processes, enabling employees to overcome traditional barriers to growth and innovation. Software consultants continue to be instrumental to this exciting trend, helping a variety of clients use technology to solve problems and execute business strategies.

big data


Do More with Your Data by Tapping into Apache Spark

Organizations generate more data than ever, and more is on the way. DOMO estimates that the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, but Forrester reports that between 60% to 73% of data within an enterprise is not even analyzed. That’s a lot of missed opportunity. Analyzing relevant data can help businesses make better decisions, run more effectively, and sell more products and services.



We deliver meaningful impact

Building great software is what we do. Our experts collaborate with you to create modern software solutions firmly rooted in continuous integration and delivery. With an “automate everything” mindset, we help organizations optimize, accelerate, expand, and respond to dynamic environments.



Seamless solutions with our expert technology partners

Technology and infrastructure modernization efforts have far-reaching implications. For those technology journeys that reach far and wide, our innovation partners collaborate closely with us to break down silos and provide you with end-to-end seamless solutions.


Nortal in action

Paving the way to innovation

Our global practice spans 10 countries. With a team of 800+ technology experts, we have a proven track-record helping businesses scale with velocity and elasticity. Read our client stories to learn how we make our mark.