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With expertise in digital innovation and venture design, our 2000+ technologists work with transformative companies and governments to (re)invent the future.

What we do

Strategy and digital innovation

We specialize in greenfield thinking and next generation strategy, working with clients from the earliest stages of a project to help them explore opportunities and create innovative new businesses, services, or products that leverage scalable technology.

Venture design

We help our clients identify and respond to strategic opportunities by exploring, designing and validating digital-first business models. Our depth of expertise ensures that digital products will always sit at the core of value creation.

Web and mobile platform development

From immersive experiences to enterprise platforms, we design and scale custom solutions for our clients, ensuring that all IP is owned exclusively by each client and that data residency requirements are always met.

How we work


In a climate of rapid change, we always aim to deliver value as quickly as possible. We work carefully and with attention to detail but at speed, making sure that each project generates tangible results within weeks.


We believe that collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation. In highly complex initiatives, the ease and benefits of collaboration can be lost in a landscape of silos. We work across multiple sectors and always draw on the experience of partner firms and our own client teams to encourage co-creation.

With scale in mind

Today, a venture is nothing if it is not scalable – a business needs to be sustainably relevant, robust but agile, and purposeful yet adaptable. We don’t just help our clients build successful businesses for today – we help build the future.

Latest insights

Explore our latest thinking on next generation technology and digital innovation.

Our experience

We have operated in the GCC for more than a decade. Acting as a strategic digital transformation partner for leading companies and governments in the region, we co-create a better future at scale and with speed.

Our transformations have helped some of the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies maintain an unwavering competitive edge by creating new and disruptive business models through digital innovation and next generation products.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re actively working to lay a digital foundation for the world’s first cognitive city in Saudi Arabia, harnessing cutting-edge technology and fostering a thriving business environment. Find out more from the case studies below.

NEOM underwater view

A digital strategy for the future of environment


We were asked to help a regional environmental  authority in Saudi Arabia create a new digital strategy, including redesigned business processes and a clearly defined view on the right digital technologies and tools it would need to deliver on its business objectives and drive the environmental and sustainability agenda in its region.


We embarked on a 12-week project to develop a digital strategy and operating model for the authority that was fit for the future and placed environmental protection at the core of the region’s development. The work began with a series of stakeholder interviews and workshops to identify the exact challenges that needed to be addressed and the specific needs of each stakeholder group. The authority’s structure and operating model was then redesigned for effective scalability.


We identified a well-defined suite of digital products that provided the organization with a comprehensive platform for environmental management, along with a clear roadmap for the development of the right digital skills. Overall, we provided the framework for a more agile, digital-led approach to its work, including a clearly defined strategy, mission statement, vision, and set of goals that will help to ensure the entire region meets its ambitious environmental and sustainability objectives.

Tourist exploring Neom

A next-generation mobile experience for tourists


We were asked to design a way to help tourists discover and explore the unique landscape and cultural heritage of a growing region in Saudi Arabia, through a seamless digital experience.


We created a content-driven mobile app with map-based navigation and augmented reality wayfinding. The app details a wide range of trails and attractions and allows users to plan and book activities, all managed by a proprietary back-office.


The app offers a truly seamless experience, allowing tourists to coordinate hiking trips and easily navigate to regional destinations. Augmented reality features show users virtual signage on hiking trails and gamify their educational experience at points of interest.

The future of construction safety

The future of construction safety


We were asked to explore ways in which the latest IoT and wearable technology could improve the welfare of construction workers.


We quickly created a robust Proof of Concept (PoC) to deploy the top five wearable technologies on an active construction site, managed through a remote web dashboard.


The PoC provided in-depth insights into the operational and practical feasibility of wearable technology on construction sites. The web dashboard allowed management to log profiles of construction workers and track their locations and activities.

A design system for a cognitive city

A design system for a cognitive city


We were asked to create an integrated design system that would help the organization avoid the common problems of multi-team projects – duplicated graphics and standards that vary from team to team, resulting in a poor user experience.


We created an integrated design system that can be adapted to any form of media, set standards for best practice, and improve over time.


The proprietary design system, underpinned by a dedicated team of experts, provides multiple product teams with the reusable components, standards, and guidance they need to rapidly create the best products and experiences possible for their users.

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