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Seamless Methodology

Twenty years of transformation rolled into one methodology.

Seamless by Nortal

Our two-decade history of successful transformation has been distilled into a single framework that guides everything we do. We call it Seamless Methodology.

We create experiences and solutions that are human, intelligent, valuable, and resilient. They adapt at pace, drive transformation, and accelerate growth in an increasingly volatile, complex, and uncertain world. Whether with customers, employees, suppliers, or citizens, our methodology ensures experiences that speak to us as human beings.

Seamless Experiences in action


Nortal has created over 40% of Estonia’s digital government experiences.


Oman has moved from 127th to 5th place in the world for ease of doing business with help from Nortal.


With Nortal as a partner, Saudi Arabia quickly delivered a digital-first census that cut processing time from over 3 months to just 4 hours.


Tonnes of spare production capacity at steel mills​ identified by machine learning.


People impacted with seamless user experience via modernized critical security and business systems.


Health and travel app in UAE linking borders, airlines and health data​ to enable secure post-pandemic travel.

Seamless Methodology

Our unique approach

Our methodology ensures everything we create is human, intelligent, valuable and resilient.

The benefits of Seamless Methodology

Our experience has shown that the most successful transformations enable humans to achieve their full potential. Working together with us, you can: 

Community building

Develop an adaptable organization

Respond more quickly to changing customer expectations, competitor strategies, and a volatile and uncertain world.

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Improve speed-to-value

Create, launch, and scale the right products and services to focus on the right opportunities, simplify complexity, and get products and services launched quickly.

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Improve engagement, satisfaction and loyalty

Create more valuable connections between humans and organizations.

Our methodology is underpinned by two principles

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We focus on experiences to drive transformation

We make change more manageable and reduce risk and digital transformation fatigue.

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We prioritise diverse thinking and balanced teams

We deliver more creative and valuable solutions to complex problems, with fewer communication problems and less rework.

Seamless Teams

Only Seamless Teams can create truly Seamless Experiences – experiences for customers and employees that master complexity, are transformative and trailblazing.

Our Seamless Teams go beyond paying lip-service to interdisciplinary. We train and coach our teams to take accountability, understand strengths, weaknesses and biases, build trust and know how to adapt. 

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