Nortal seeks growth from the public sector

Mikko Lehto joined Nortal in September 2023 from CGI, where he held various business development and leadership positions, including responsibility for the company’s healthcare and municipal sector expert services. Lehto’s career has also included more than a decade at Nokia and a three-year stint at the data analytics company Bigdatapump.

Finnish Technology Magazine Tietoviikko (Tivi) interviewed Lehto about joining us as Business Area Head of Government and Health, about his career before Nortal, and about our role in developing the public and healthcare sectors in Finland.

– Mikko Lehto, Business Area Head, Government and Health

We have a good foothold in the Finnish public administration, but we are smaller than we would like. Our turnover in Finland in 2022 was around €30 million.

Lehto explains how the challenge to grow will be met by improving our visibility and delivering proactive, real-time, and people-centric solutions for professionals and citizens – the next generation of digital services for public administrations. Lehto emphasizes the scalability of Nortal’s technologies and solutions.

A greying Finland will be forced to change many of its familiar working methods. For Lehto, this means reforming the processes of public administration service production and the digital services that support them to assist the change.

– Mikko Lehto, Business Area Head, Government and Health

If you think about successes, you often forget that solutions can be quite simple, even with the frenzy of AI and artificial intelligence. It all starts with the customer’s values, problems, and opportunities.

Lehto concludes by explaining how the best part is when we succeed in solving an issue that initially seemed like an impossible mission, and we solve it together with the customer. And even if there are mistakes or challenges, that path often leads to a deeper partnership.

Read the full article on TiVi.


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Mikko Lehto appointed as Business Area Head of Government and Health at Nortal Finland

Mikko Lehto joins us as Business Area Head of Government and Health at Nortal Finland to strengthen our business opportunities in the government sector and healthcare.

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