It is not a case of either/or – sustainable and profitable business shares the same goals and means

Sustainability and responsibility are often seen as separate from business when they are a natural extension of business development, says our Lead Architect, Pasi Anttila, in his opinion piece in the Finnish magazine Kauppalehti.

In his opinion piece, Anttila discusses how one of the key business issues is reconciling sustainability and profitable business. According to Anttila, the goals and actions of profitable and sustainable business are braided together by three primary pillars: traceability, transparency, and controllability. Anttila stresses how these three pillars will become important competitive advantages, which will be increasingly demanded from cooperation and technology partners.

He concludes that digitalization plays a crucial role in bringing together sustainable and profitable business and that this is supported by a coherent IT architecture that can build solutions to ensure traceability, transparency, and controllability at various levels of the organization, from top management to the different business functions.

Explore the full article in Kauppalehti for a closer look at this harmonious approach to business success.

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