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Article September 15th, 2017

by Nortal

Connecting people again: Finns working on one of the largest telecoms in the US

Back in the days when Nokia was connecting people, Finnish telecom solutions were renowned all over the world. Now, one of the key companies behind Nokia’s success is making a breakthrough in the U.S. telecoms sector.

In 2011, Nortal merged with CCC Corporation, a Finnish company famous in its homeland for engineering one of Finland’s greatest success stories in history: the Nokia cell phone. As a systems development partner for highly advanced telecommunications solutions back in Nokia’s golden days, the CCC legacy continues to live inside Nortal and is now pushing the company’s business to new heights.

“The people who were making these custom-made software solutions for Nokia were really helping companies to strive for innovation,” says Teemu Sillanpää, partner and Key Account Manager at Nortal. Just recently, Sillanpää moved to Seattle and is now in charge of running Nortal’s operations in the U.S. “I understand that one of many CCC solutions is still widely used handling customer messaging in the millions here in the U.S.”

Sillanpää is not shy to admit that the CCC legacy has helped his team to master the large-scale e-commerce project that Nortal is currently working on in America. The solution is used by almost 100 million users, all clients to one of the biggest telecoms companies in the U.S. According to Sillanpää, the client feedback on Nortal’s work has been outstanding. 

A key company behind Nokia’s success is making a breakthrough in the U.S.

“Nortal’s strong background in telecoms-related web solutions and our exceptional way of attracting best talents from the market have been our key success factors,” Sillanpää said. “We have found our sweet spot between widely known strategic consulting companies and huge IT corporations. This makes us attractive here – we are small enough to care and big enough to deliver.”

We have successfully used the Elastic Path Commerce® platform for numerous e-commerce projects in the US and Canada. Developing a holistic digital commerce solution will provide a better experience for end users and open additional opportunities for Nortal’s clients to further improve their service quality.

“I’m relying on our strengths in e-commerce and I’m confident that we are able to create new success stories here in the States,” Sillanpää says and adds that the true heroes are the intelligent people who actually work on the projects and help Nortal’s clients grow. “We can never have enough brilliant people! We’re currently hiring, so if you are interested in creating really meaningful impact, get in touch!”

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