News May 8th, 2017

by Nortal

Nortal is coming to America

Following a successful cooperation on a large-scale e-commerce project with one of the largest telecom companies in North America, Nortal has opened a new office in Seattle.

“It is undoubtedly the largest e-commerce project for Nortal,” Oleg Shvaikovsky, one of the members of the board of Nortal said. “We are excited to take on the challenge and responsibility of developing a holistic and comprehensive e-commerce solution servicing tens of millions end-users annually,” he added.

Although e-commerce is quite developed in Estonia and the Nordics, the United States is, without a doubt, the global leader in online commerce. Therefore, being selected to develop and execute such a large-scale project in the country is high praise for Nortal. To date, Nortal has completed numerous e-commerce projects in Estonia, Canada, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia and Northern Europe.

When it comes to e-commerce, Shvaikovsky said, the obstacle often lies in how companies are organized: IT, sales and other operations, functions and processes are often considered standalone units, or silos.

“We believe that the most interesting developments, best discoveries, and greatest innovations happen on the boundaries of different sectors and are born from the synergy of bilateral co-operation,” Shvaikovsky said, adding that breaking down the silos in the processes of companies will increase efficiency. “We have proven this again and again in practice.” 

Another obstacle is the lack of knowledge on how to make data work for you. To this end, Nortal merged with Element – the leading B2B marketing technology and strategy company in Northern Europe – last year in order to service clients even better.

As a result, Revenue Science was added to Nortal’s portfolio. The service helps clients unlock their growth potential, using big data and a scientific approach to data mining in order to find bottlenecks and leaks in company processes.

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