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Case study

A transformative digital commerce platform driving seamless user experiences

One of the largest global wireless providers, with more than 100 million customers, partnered with Nortal to build a world-class, feature-rich, highly scalable and secure digital commerce platform.

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Challenge: Smooth transactions for all customers

This blue-chip company has ambitious, business-critical goals to position itself for growth and continue taking market share. To do so, they must enable all channels and retail partners to transact with products and services via custom APIs at any time while delivering seamless experiences to existing and prospective customers that would drive additional sales and strengthen loyalty. Performance was a critical attribute as new products launched (i.e., new iPhones, etc.), and the commerce platform would be stress-tested by significant, simultaneous user traffic.


We assembled a team of experts that could forge a sustainable path to build a transformative and innovative digital commerce solution to address past, current, and future requirements. A composable, headless technology was selected, and further combined with cloud infrastructure and extensive architectural customizations. The outcome was an open-source platform incorporating countless automated service integrations and testing, as well as modern software development practices to sustain the ever-changing needs of the business. Our client can now deliver vastly improved user experiences with faster time-to-market.


The digital conversion rate improved by 500%. The ‘prospect to lead’ rate grew by 300%. New user registration requires 60% fewer clicks than before. Our client is also seeing increased revenue through improved order processing and reduced contract leakage, seamlessly handling usage spikes.



in sales over 12 months


cart interactions per day


sustained purchases within 15 minutes


common APIs consolidated into the one platform with SLAs of <100ms


major security incidents to date

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Pleasing the modern consumer

Our wide variety of industry experience in digital commerce from markets all over the globe, coupled with extreme depth in interoperability, electronic identity, and service design, puts us in a unique position to offer flexible and agile solutions that scale with your business. Our holistic solutions cover the entire value chain, delivering the experience that modern consumers demand. 

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Case study

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Improving time to market and new product launch efficiencies

We moved our client from a monolith architecture to an event-based data import system that eliminated the challenges of new product launches. This has made their process more efficient, improved their time to market, and continues to keep them competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

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