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Building an Industrial Process Historian with a Time Series Database on Microsoft Azure

Our Head of Industry, Ergin Tuganay, provided a hands-on demo for setting up a streaming data pipeline from industrial control system to operations dashboard at the Operational Excellence in Power & Utilities virtual event with InfluxData. Read below for an abstract of Ergin’s presentation and watch the video for the demo.

Did you know that collecting and processing data uses up to 50% of industry work time? Did you also know that these tasks are easily suitable for automation when using the right expertise and tools? Collecting data and making it agile and accessible not only saves you time but allows you to base your business-critical decisions on actual information as an addition to intuition. Furthermore, democratizing and making the data transparent for your partners, suppliers and customers improves communication and cooperation while building trust within your whole ecosystem.

In this presentation there will be a hands-on demo for setting up a streaming data pipeline from industrial control system to operations dashboard. We will introduce tools and technologies that are embraced by both large-scale industrial enterprises and IT/OT developer community to build flexible, scalable and robust systems to keep your company agile and in charge of its data and business.

To inquire about how Nortal partners with InfluxData to create simplified processes that grow your business, read about our consulting services here.

If you would like to connect with Ergin, you can reach out to him below.

Ergin Tuganay

Partner, Head of Data & IoT

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