by Nortal cloud team , February 22, 2021

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What made you join Nortal? 

“I was contacted out of the blue by Maria Nikoletich, a recruiter here at Nortal, about an open Angular Developer role. This open position piqued my interest based on my last job in Angular and when I heard that it was for an enterprise client,  that really anchored my interest. Once I talked to the developers and leads from the team it just sounded like a fantastic opportunity to further my career experience with a technology-set that I find very interesting.”

Can you walk us through your first day of remote onboarding? 

“I recall being in back-to-back meetings on the first day with introductions with leaders at the US organization including Matt Munson, North American CEO, and Malia Jorgensen, Director of Talent Acquisition. Having access to Nortal’s internal Slack channels was really useful for getting answers to critical first day questions from anyone in HR, IT, and beyond. My colleagues on the client side were really helpful, even though documentation can be difficult at big companies. Overall, my first day was an exciting day to start a new job because having the tools easily accessible created a smooth onboarding experience.”

What was your favorite part of the onboarding process?

“My favorite part of the onboarding process at Nortal was the self-starter aspect of it. Once you are in the system and HR sets up payroll, timekeeping, Office 365, and Slack access everything else is very seamless. As a software consulting company, I appreciate the technology-forward process. Also, the project onboarding plan in Confluence is organized and well thought out which made it easy to know what the expectations were.”

What challenges have you faced from remote onboarding? What has helped you overcome these challenges? 

“One challenge I have faced is the lack of documentation from the client. This has been a battle but being able to ask my Nortal colleagues for help on Slack has been paramount to my success. Having access to the internal and external Slack channels is really helpful because of the repositories of information and also being able to quickly get in contact with the wide variety of teams.”

How have you been able to integrate with your teammates despite working remotely?

“This was surprisingly easy. Since Nortal onboards newcomers fairly often, everyone seems to be very welcoming to new talent and personalities. Having a variety of internal slack channels where colleagues can chat about non-work related topics allows connection to develop on a personal level. For example, there is an internal coffee channel, blockchain technology channel, and health and wellness channel that help keep people engaged with each other.”

Which remote events have you been able to attend? How have they helped you connect with colleagues? 

“I have tried to attend every virtual event since October of last year. This includes the beer and cheese tasting to celebrate 20 years of Nortal, the holiday wine tasting, and the Oregon trail game night. These virtual events have allowed me to simply be around people “outside of work” which has been a good solution to creating a connection with coworkers as I am still fairly new. Nortal has done a good job advocating for employees to attend these events through reward systems and by creating new and exciting events which are hard to pass up, especially during a pandemic.”

What are you looking forward to most when we are able to all work in the office again?

“I would say I’m looking forward to the face-to-face connection of being in the same room with people since that changes to team dynamic. Also, having water cooler chats can be really helpful for the day-to-day work experience.

Lastly, I am looking forward to being in a city again. Being in a busy, bustling city environment helps make me personally feel more productive and helps nurture my creativity. Part of a traditional at-work day is also just experiencing things you wouldn’t at home like grabbing really good, local coffee or going to a great lunch spot with a colleague.”

If you’re interested in working at Nortal, visit our careers page. To learn more about James and his background, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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