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Case study

Nortal Tark revolutionizes data navigation for TalTech

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is one of Estonia’s leading academic institutions, renowned for its commitment to research, innovation, and technological advancement. With a diverse range of programs and a robust research portfolio, TalTech is a distinguished example of excellence in higher education.

Estonia’s vibrant startup and entrepreneurial environment has been incorporated into TalTech culture. Forever supporting fresh ideas, innovation, and growing technologies, TalTech ensures that their own technology is not lagging.

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Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) frequently faces a challenge in the digital age: navigating vast data sources efficiently. With an ever-growing pool of data, TalTech needed a solution that could streamline data access and retrieval without compromising security or accuracy.

TalTech’s data sources, while comprehensive, posed a significant challenge in terms of accessibility and speed. Researchers, faculty, and administrative staff often struggled to locate relevant information efficiently, leading to productivity bottlenecks and delays in decision-making processes. Moreover, with data security and privacy regulations becoming increasingly stringent, TalTech needed a solution that could enhance accessibility without compromising compliance or confidentiality.

– Raul Hanson, Head of IT at TalTech

AI solutions are here to stay, so we must find good ways to incorporate them in our everyday processes. For us, transforming knowledge management across various platforms and external websites was the perfect place to start.


Enter Nortal Tark, a cutting-edge AI solution that utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide intelligent search and matching solutions for organizations.  Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and intuitive user interfaces, Nortal Tark offered TalTech a comprehensive solution to its data navigation challenges.

Nortal Tark’s implementation at TalTech involved a meticulous process of understanding the university’s unique data landscape, including its various databases, formats, and access protocols. The platform was tailored to integrate seamlessly with TalTech’s existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Key features of the implementation

Advanced search capabilities

Nortal Tark’s powerful search algorithms allowed users to quickly and accurately locate relevant information across multiple databases and formats. Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enabled intuitive queries, reducing the learning curve for users.

Cohesive overview

Thanks to Nortal Tark, the overview of expired and or missing documents became controlled. With a smooth overview, outdated content could be removed with ease.

Security and compliance

Nortal Tark prioritized data security and compliance, implementing robust encryption protocols and access controls to safeguard sensitive information ensuring secure integrations between data sources.

Comprehensive content

The need for translations in multilanguage websites and data clusters has become overwhelming. Thanks to the Nortal Tark integrated translation model, all documents can be easily translated in the same environment automatically.

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The implementation of Nortal Tark resulted in various benefits for TalTech:

  1. Improved efficiency
    Researchers, faculty, and administrative staff reported significant time savings in accessing and retrieving data, leading to enhanced productivity and streamlined decision-making processes.
  2. Enhanced insights
    The platform’s advanced analytics and visualization capabilities enabled TalTech to gain deeper insights from its data, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and driving innovation across various departments.
  3. Heightened security
    Nortal Tark’s robust security features provided TalTech with peace of mind, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations while safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches.

– Raul Hanson, Head of IT at TalTech

The cooperation with Nortal was smooth, efficient and met our expectations.


More than 25 databases integrated. All data smoothly accessed securely from one place.


Over 75 hours of work saved per month. Users can use the Nortal Tark solution to solve their more mundane issues and save both employee and their own time finding information.


Faster access to information. Employees reported saving time and being more efficient.


Nortal Tark’s implementation at TalTech represents an outstanding coalition, where the capabilities of technology meet the empowerment of higher education. NortalTark has empowered TalTech to harness the full potential of its vast information resources, driving innovation and excellence in research and education.

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