Witted: Nortal was one of Finland's fastest-growing software consultancies in 2023

Witted has gathered the most interesting IT consulting companies from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and their latest report shows that Nortal was one of the fastest-growing software consultancies in Finland in 2023.

Harri Vepsäläinen, CEO Nortal Finland

– Harri Vepsäläinen, CEO Nortal Finland

Nortal emphasizes a dual strength in both industry expertise and technical skills. This positions us as a valuable partner for clients seeking not only technical solutions but also concrete business value: we consult our clients' business stakeholders to ensure that behind every technical implementation lies a tangible business benefit. Moreover, we focus on projects related to clients' core processes that ensure their success, both in favorable and challenging times.

Focused customer strategy and strong business impact as the catalysts for growth

In addition to this, our focused customer strategy has proven to be one of the main catalysts for growth. Instead of hundreds, Nortal build partnerships with tens of clients to whom we can deliver substantial value to their business through technology. Our Talent Acquisition teams have succeeded in building robust multinational teams that scale according to customer needs, both in terms of expertise and geography. The teams’ skill level and attitude are top-notch, reflecting in high customer satisfaction, reaching +54 in the latest NPS measurement in Q4/2023.

Read the full report on Witted.

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