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Event September 12th, 2023

Panel Discussion: Building an Augmented Workforce

Due to labor shortages, the augmented workforce is experiencing a rapid rollout. Is it safe to call it the latest Industrial Revolution, as it is transforming the relationship between technology and human beings? Initially created to empower individuals and transform production, it has become an important pillar of organizational competitiveness, all while recognizing that people remain essential.

How does it assist the workforce and how does it amplify human abilities to facilitate a future of work that is more productive, accessible, and sustainable?

It might be by enhancing employees’ skills and capabilities with AI, ML, and intelligent automation in order to help build a digitally enabled and efficient workforce. Additionally, maybe an augmented workforce can boost employee satisfaction due to the automation of repetitive tasks and more time for innovation. Nevertheless, the distrust that humans are being replaced by technologies remains.

Dragan Gajic, CTO

Everyone’s wondering are we at the final stage where we will automate programming? Or this will help us automate repetitive and sometimes boring work so we can focus on creative work?

If this got you thinking, join us at AI & Big Data Expo, TechEX Europe on September 26th, at 11.40 a.m. CET, where our CTO, Dragan Gajic, will be participating in the panel discussion “Building an Augmented Workforce”, alongside Aoibhinn Reddington, Head of Strategy for AI-Powered Operations, Deloitte, and Rens van Dongen, CISO, Dutch Railways.

Since this is a free-to-attend in-person expo, don’t forget to register and get your pass.

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About TechEx Europe

TechEx Europe takes place on 26-27 September 2023 in Amsterdam, and is the leading exhibition and conference series focusing on key trends in IoT, Digital Transformation, AI & Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud, Edge Computing, and Blockchain.

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