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Nortal Tark

Nortal Tark is an AI offering harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to bring value from our customer’s data on their terms.

Tailored solutions for your organization's unique needs

Intelligent search

A solution that can utilize the power of multiple LLMs to get insights from your company data seamlessly. It can understand the question in any language and summarize the answer for you. We install this solution within your controlled environment, so you have full control of your data and privacy.

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Intelligent match

A solution that matches master data records across your company where these records describe the same real entity (customer, person, product, asset) regardless of its format and quality. It can link master data records in the best way and identify a golden record that can be applied through the hierarchy or reports in order to provide consolidated insights into your business. On top of existing matching algorithms we utilize LLMs for more seamless matching and better results.

Chat bots

Chat bots can integrate with our Intelligent Search and Matching APIs allowing you to have ChatGPT experience on top of your company data and knowledge.

Nortal Tark – putting the ‘smart’ into AI

Nortal Tark combines AI’s capacity to acquire knowledge with the ability to do something useful with that knowledge.

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Dragan Gajic, Group CTO

"We believe our customers deserve to experience the power of LLMs within their context quickly. This is why as part of our Nortal Tark program, we started exploring how LLMs could be utilized for fundamental concepts like searching, matching and user interaction."

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