Strategically focusing on growth leadership for market acceleration

As of August 1, 2024, Elizabeth Kiehner, Group Chief Growth Officer at Nortal, will become Chief Growth Officer for North America, focusing on our expansion in the U.S. Ole Behrens-Carlsson, who has held the position of Chief Executive Officer for Germany, will become Group Chief Growth Officer responsible for our global growth strategy.

Priit Alamäe

– Priit Alamäe, CEO of Nortal

Ole and Elizabeth are both exceptional leaders with a proven track record. They will play central roles in our strategy globally and in North America, respectively, to boost and explore new avenues for driving our long-term growth

Behrens-Carlsson joined the company in 2020 when we acquired Schütze, a recognized strategic consulting and IT solutions company, and has since run our business in Germany. From 2022, he has also managed our global ESG office.

“We have been achieving remarkable double-digit organic growth for the past five years in Germany and showing strong financial results. I’m excited to transition now to a global role to help Nortal accelerate growth across all our home markets in Europe, North America, as well as the GCC region,” said Ole Behrens-Carlsson, Group Chief Growth Officer at Nortal.

Ole Behrens-Carlsson

– Ole Behrens-Carlsson, Group Chief Growth Officer at Nortal

I’m excited to transition to a global role within the company to help accelerate growth across all our home markets in Europe, North America, as well as the GCC region

Based in NYC, since the end of 2022 Kiehner has represented our North American operations in Kirkland, Washington, as well as our entire global footprint and portfolio as the company’s first Group Chief Growth Officer. Recognizing that revenue in the IT services market is projected to reach US$522.00 billion in 2024, and by global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States, we are restructuring to accelerate and prioritize North America in our growth strategy. From August 2024, Kiehner will focus on U.S. to lead business development, marketing and sales to drive expansion, and capitalize on market potential.

Liz Kiehner

– Elizabeth Kiehner, Chief Growth Officer at Nortal North America

Nortal's high trust and high integrity reputation positions us as a leading partner for critical infrastructure projects

U.S. in focus

The company’s strategy in the U.S. includes geographic diversification and leaning into our cybersecurity, data, and AI capabilities. “We have a three-pronged focus on growth organically, through acquisitions, and through channel partners. Nortal’s high trust and high integrity reputation positions us as a leading partner for critical infrastructure projects. Our proven track record with Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., various nation-states, and projects like the development of NATO’s cyber range capabilities highlights our expertise and reliability,” said Elizabeth Kiehner, Chief Growth Officer at Nortal North America.

Additionally, Kiehner sees promising opportunities to venture into new domains such as healthcare and GovTech in the U.S. “Our decades-long experience in these sectors in Europe gives us a considerable advantage. We have delivered many first-of-a-kind projects such as the first national infrastructure to exchange data between the Estonian Genome Database, laboratories, medical devices and the National Health Record. I look forward to leveraging this expertise to expand our reach and drive further growth in the U.S.,” added Kiehner.

Martin Rebs, the current Chief Operating Officer and Group Chief Consulting Officer, will take on the role of CEO for Nortal Germany as of August 1, 2024. Both Kiehner and Behrens-Carlsson will continue, and Rebs will join the Global Leadership Team.

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