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A bold step into the final frontier

Estonia, known for its rapid adoption of innovative ideas, from eGovernment to digital IDs and online voting, is poised to embrace a new frontier – space. During the recent Software Defined Space Conference (SDSC),  Martin Ruubel, our Director of Cyber Resilience, spoke about this final frontier and the opportunities to come.

The 2023 edition of the SDSC centered on software development and cybersecurity in space technology. The aim of the event was to advance sustainable development in the sector by raising awareness, exploring commercialization opportunities, and fostering the growth of the space community.

In his keynote presentation, Martin Ruubel explored Estonia’s tech journey and the challenges that this small nation of just 1.3 million people has had to overcome. The country faced a state-sponsored cyber-attack in 2007, leading to its prominence in the cybersecurity domain. Estonia’s tech prowess has also given rise to several unicorns.

Martin Ruubel

Martin Ruubel, Director of Cyber Resilience at Nortal

Space is cool, space is glorious… but to unlock the true potential of the space industry, it's crucial that both the public and the private sector work closely together on this next phase of advancement.

Given this background, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Estonia is looking to conquer the final frontier. As highlighted by Ruubel, despite representing only 0.6% of the global GDP, the space industry is rapidly growing and bound to become an integral part of our lives. While space as a business is still in its infancy there are numerous untapped prospects.

As a cybersecurity and digital transformation powerhouse, Nortal has already taken the first step on this thrilling journey. We have recently entered into a strategic partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) to contribute to the development of an innovative space cyber range. The space cyber range will provide the companies operating in the field with the opportunity to test their software, conduct exercises and develop cyber defense capabilities.

Martin Ruubel concluded that while we’ve started our journey by exploring space from a cybersecurity perspective, our aspirations extend far beyond that. We aim to invest in knowledge, skills, and market understanding. Our goal is not only to create value for our clients but also to contribute to the growth of the Estonian and European ecosystems. Watch this space closely as we boldly venture into this uncharted territory.

Key takeaways

Watch Martin Ruubel discuss why and how we are helping to shape the future of space tech. He discusses key takeaways from the conference, trends to watch, and other insights.

The Software Defined Space Conference (SDSC) is organized by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. You can find out more here.

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