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In discussion with Mastercard: Protecting your digital government with cyber resilience

The digitalization of government programs and services drives more transparent, inclusive, efficient, and resilient governance, closing the gap between citizens and governments. But with greater digital accessibility, comes increased cyber risk and an increased need for effective safeguards to ensure governments remain secure.

Andres Raieste, our Senior Vice President of the Public Sector, and Steve Tae, Vice President of Global Business Development for International Institutions at Mastercard will host a discussion on 5 October at 11:30am (GMT+2) on “Protecting your digital government – building cyber resilience with Mastercard“ at the Impact Forum by GIIN in Copenhagen.

Andres Raieste, Senior Vice President of the Public Sector at Nortal

Since 2007, when Estonia experienced the world's first massive cyber attack of unprecedented sophistication, which later became known as Web War 1, we have had to build government solutions with the mindset that unless defended, they will be attacked. Increasingly, this is now the global reality, and a government's ability to make itself resilient to cyber attacks will influence public trust in its leaders.

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This year’s event is taking place 4-5 October 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Find out more and get your pass here.

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