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A next-generation mobile experience for tourists

Few sectors have been as radically and rapidly transformed by emerging technology as the tourism industry. In the space of just a few years, smartphones have become an indispensable travel assistant in the palm of your hand – a travel agent, tour and restaurant guide, translator, and secure guardian of documents and tickets. But the world is only just beginning to explore the potential of mobile technology in tourism – and our work in Saudi Arabia is pushing the boundaries of possibilities.


We were asked to design a digital solution that would help tourists discover the unique landscape and cultural heritage of a previously unexplored region of Saudi Arabia. The solution would provide tourists with everything they might need in a seamless digital experience – but would need to be developed while infrastructure in the region was still under construction. Roads were not yet properly mapped and exciting future tourist destinations were still being developed. The solution needed to adapt and grow in tandem with the region.


A next generation mobile app

We created a mobile app for iPhone, Android and Huawei that sets out a wide range of trails and tourism attractions across the region and allows users to browse and book activities. Map-based navigation enables tourists to enjoy a seamless and safe journey, while augmented reality wayfinding signage ensures that the natural landscape remains unspoilt. Offline capability was introduced to address inconsistent cellular coverage while the region’s infrastructure develops, and the app’s navigation features are continuously updated to accommodate the emerging road systems.


attraction incorporated


activities available for booking


increase in users since launch


A pioneering example

The app is a pioneering example of how technology is transforming tourism and its use has grown exponentially since its launch. The app provides visitors to this new and exciting region all the support they need to plan and book their trips. Once visitors arrive, they can easily navigate with virtual signage, while learning more about points of interest through gamification features.

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As the region evolves into a major tourist center, the app will continue to expand, incorporating new attractions, experiences, and destinations. Saudi Arabia is rapidly becoming a premier tourist destination, and this app stands ready to support tourists and the tourism sector today, tomorrow and into the future.

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