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Mastercard and Nortal: A Partnership for Cyber Resilience

Mastercard, the world’s largest payment network, has partnered with Nortal, one of the world’s most renowned digital transformation and cyber resilience experts, to form a cyber security partnership.

This partnership combines Nortal's 20-year history in digital transformation and cyber resilience with Mastercard's ability to drive smarter decisions with better outcomes, leveraging data, technology, expertise, and experience.

Why is DORA relevant?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) takes effect Jan. 16, 2025, and requires financial entities to have information communication technologies (ICT) risk management frameworks, including strategy, disaster recovery plans, and communication strategies. Nortal’s cyber incident preparedness offering is designed to bolster the resilience of organizations, while assessing, showcasing, and building DORA compliance.

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Nortal's role in our partnership

Nortal ensures customers achieve cyber incident response preparedness through dedicated services and cyber exercise delivery using the Coliseum™ Cyber Range—achieving DORA compliance in the process:

  • Evaluate your organization’s cyber incident response plans and procedures, getting exposure to experienced and seasoned cyber incident commanders to support your organization’s requirement to go beyond theorized scenarios to be real-world ready
  • Drive your organization’s cyber resilience with table-top and range-based cyber exercises
  • Develop and evaluate your organization’s breach readiness and train your people through the simulation of real world scenarios
  • Allow your cyber defenders to experience high-pressure, real-world simulations of cyberattacks using their own tools in networks designed to replicate your organization
  • Seamless transformation and consulting services
  • DORA compliance gap analysis on readiness benchmarking

Martin Ruubel, Director of Cyber Resilience

Nortal’s partnership with Mastercard breaks new ground in terms of shaping cybersecurity for the financial sector and enables partners to deliver unparalleled value for our clients both within the banking industry and beyond.

Mastercard's role in our partnership

Mastercard offers cyber risk quantification, risk management, and governance tools—full cyber consulting built on its experience running and defending the world’s largest payment network:

  • A DORA toolbox to build and sustain resilience and compliance
  • Production system validation and testing with Cyber Front
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Third-Party Risk Analysis with RiskRecon
  • Consulting services and holistic DORA state diagnostic and strategic roadmap development
  • Gap analysis on readiness vs. DORA requirements and benchmarks
  • Customized cybersecurity risk assessments with Cyber Quant

Objective: Bolster resilience, demonstrate compliance to the letter

Nortal’s Cyber Incident Preparedness Services directly address these DORA incident response requirements:

Response and Recovery (DORA Article 11)

ICT business continuity policy and disaster recovery plans; Procedures for management of internal- and external crisis communications; Scenarios of cyberattacks.

Learning and Evolving (DORA Article 13)

ICT security awareness programs and resilience trainings; Post ICT-related incident review procedures; Digital resilience strategy effectiveness monitoring.

Communication (DORA Article 14)

Incident response communication policies for staff and external stakeholders; Communication plans for incident disclosure.

Incident Management Process (DORA Article 17)

Roles and responsibilities for different incident types and scenarios; Notification to clients and internal escalation procedures.

Nortal coliseum cyber resilience

Mastercard and Nortal: The world’s largest payment network partners with one of the world’s foremost cyber resilience experts

The Nortal-Mastercard partnership brings new cyber resilience expertise to the world’s largest payment network, enabling the bolstering of cyber resilience and the demonstration of DORA compliance.

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Get in touch to see how Nortal’s incident response plan review and tabletop exercises can give you cyber resilience with DORA compliance.

Our services run the gamut from IR preparedness workshops to full breach readiness assessments, tabletop and technical exercises. Some assessments require two days, and some exercises go 10-12 weeks. Mastercard and Nortal make certain your plans align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices, because what is not defended will be attacked.