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This is your golden ticket to kickstart your TECH career in the best way possible. Don’t let it pass you by—this could be your moment to truly shine. Embrace the possibilities and let your talent speak for itself.

Unleash your potential at Nortal

Nortal Leap is not your typical IT growth program. It’s a journey of collaboration and mentorship designed to nurture young tech talents, regardless of age or gender. We’re here to provide you with the best onboarding experience to jumpstart your tech career.

To ensure you make the most of this opportunity, we’ve got your back every step of the way. You’ll have the chance to work alongside some of the most exceptional colleagues in the industry, and a dedicated personal mentor will be there to support you as you dive into hands-on tasks during your first months.

Sign up – tackle the test assignment – get ready to launch your career!

Note: This is not an internship. it’s your gateway to real projects, a genuine team, and a substantial salary.

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Years nurturing Junior tech talents with Nortal Leap


Switch from Juniors to Mids in the 1st year


Leap alumni stays with Nortal for 5 years or more

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Real-paid opportunity, not a regular internship

At Nortal Leap, we’re all about getting you started on the right foot. From the very first day, you’ll be immersed in real projects, earning a genuine salary without the usual trials or hassles. As you become part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work on tasks that truly make an impact.

Pretty cool, right?

Can anyone apply?

We encourage anyone interested in the roles we’re offering to apply, regardless of their age, education, or career background. It’s not about what you know now – it’s about what you can become.

To us, diverse experiences are not baggage. They’re an invaluable asset that enriches our teams.

Nortal Leap (ex Nortal University) explained:

During this session, we delved into the specifics of the Junior Program 2022 application process, offered advice for the test assignment, and shared insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of a Nortal developer.

Roadmap to Nortal Leap

Step 1: Sign up

The application process begins with a simple sign-up. This is your chance to express your interest in joining our junior program.

During this initial step, we only require some basic information from you. Once you’ve completed this sign-up, we’ll be able to provide you with the instructions and deadlines for the test assignment after the registration period.

Step 2: Test assignment

This task is your chance to demonstrate your skills and tackle challenges similar to what our teams handle daily. No need to stress, you’ll have enough time to learn and grow if necessary.

Additionally, we’ll create an online space for you to connect with other candidates, and our team will be available to answer your questions. We value your passion for learning!

Step 3: Virtual meetings

The top performers in the test assignments earn an invitation to virtual meetings with our Team leads and Talent experts. This is our way of building a deeper connection before making the final decision and placing you on a project.

We’re excited to understand the person behind the application, helping us determine which of our teams will be the ideal fit for you!

Step 4: Joining our Nortal team

This step is all about inviting you to join our team. We’re absolutely thrilled to kickstart the onboarding process, ensuring that each chosen candidate not only fits in but shines brightly in our dynamic work environment.

It’s your victory lap to success!

Jevgenij Fedosov, Junior Java Developer in Lithuania

'Joining this big global software and consulting company felt like a dream. They really care about newbies like me – I got everything I needed to level up my skills!'

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Take the Leap: Tech Career is waiting for you!

Believe in your skills, catch this opportunity, and apply to showcase your talents. Our dedicated team, experienced mentors, and exciting projects are all set to welcome and support you on your journey.

The next big step in your seamless tech career is just a click away!

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