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News June 11th, 2021 by Nortal

Press release: Nortal and cBrain work together on the digitization of German administration

Berlin, June 10, 2021 – Nortal has already been working on the digitization of German administration for many years, actively bringing the innovation potential of other countries to bear. In the area of process-based administration software, Nortal is strengthening its cooperation with the Danish company cBrain.

By training and certifying employees in cBrain’s F2 product, a high-performance team has been built up. This team can professionally support the roll-out and implementation of the F2 standard software on the German market. For many years, cBrain has established a strong market position as a supplier to the Danish administration and, in recent years, also to the German public sector. The cooperation with Nortal now brings cBrain one step further in this field. cBrain expects stable international growth. At the same time, cBrain also sees an opportunity to further accelerate growth by working with partners who can support the rollout and implementation of the F2 standard software. Nortal recognizes great potential for F2 in the German market.

Nortal is a globally established but still emerging IT company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in Tartu, Estonia, Nortal quickly emerged as one of the main architects of Estonia’s digital vanguard. Nortal now has offices in Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East and employs 1,000 experts specializing in particular in strategy consulting and software. At the same time, Nortal has proven its strength as a supplier to the public sector through a variety of projects for public administration, making Nortal ideally positioned as a partner for cBrain.

The F2 software is a tool to digitally support work processes, document management and communication. It was originally developed for ministries and has become a solution for government agencies, municipalities and universities, as well as private organizations. Today, 16 out of 19 Danish ministries use F2.

For Nortal and cBrain it is the next logical step to strengthen the cooperation in Germany. Nortal has a strong position in the German market, where the company is growing rapidly. At the same time, cBrain has built a solid foundation in Germany over the last few years and would now like to further expand this strong starting position together with Nortal. The cooperation between Nortal and cBrain is supported by the success and positioning that cBrain has already achieved in Denmark.

According to the United Nations, Denmark is the world leader in e-government. At the same time, the public sector in Germany is facing a comprehensive digital transformation. As in many other countries, the fear of lengthy and complex IT projects is growing among those affected in the Federal Republic. That is why there is great interest in using the experience of cBrain and Nortal in the context of public digitization based on standard software.

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