Case study

Omniva streamlines invoice confirming process

Confirming invoices was a hassle for many people at Omniva, an international logistics company that transports goods and information. Thomas, an Omniva employee, was dissatisfied with the solution – the design was outdated and he could only use the system from a desktop computer. This was a problem for him as he was often on the move and invoices kept piling up, creating a vicious circle, as other people could not proceed with their work without the confirmed invoices. He was frustrated and couldn’t understand why he was unable to do these things on his smartphone while running from one place to another.

Omniva platform


It was clear the system needed a proper makeover. Nortal analyzed the invoice confirmation system, redesigned the processes to improve user experience and gave it a new, modern look. As a result, Thomas now finds the system easy to use. What makes him even happier, he can now confirm invoices on his mobile devices – it takes just one click. All he needs is his smartphone and an internet connection. Thomas is now happier and his team’s results have improved significantly.


Thomas just left the office for lunch. He notices a notification about an invoice that needs to be confirmed ASAP.


Thomas opens the invoice notice with one click and sees Reelika’s comment.


Thomas acts on Reelika’s comment and sends the invoice back to be corrected.


In a few minutes the corrected invoice has arrived. Thomas now confirms the invoice.


After lunch Thomas returns to the office to proceed with the desktop version that has more functions.

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