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Case study January 31st, 2018

OmaVero: a system upgrade for the Finnish Tax Administration

Together with the US software company FAST Enterprise, we implemented a system upgrade for the Finnish Tax Administration, replacing up to 70 end-of-lifecycle tax-related IT systems with a single off-the-shelf software package. The Valmis project, which was the largest transformation project in the history of the Finnish Tax Administration, overhauled the entire Finnish tax system between 2013 and 2020.

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The Finnish Tax Administration faced the challenge of managing dozens of separate tax systems and technology solutions, that in many cases were already outdated. The goal was to have a system that was easier to maintain, faster to develop and more cost-efficient.

Additionally, the project aimed to build a new type of interface that would allow citizens and businesses to manage and administer their tax affairs digitally and seamlessly with one single login.


The project involved a wide range of experts from many different fields. We worked closely with our partner FAST, the Finnish Tax Administration and various stakeholders to build a complete solution that streamlines the customer experience and brings more efficiency to the Tax Administration’s operations. We implemented the GenTax product from the FAST Enterprise to enable centralized management of all tax-related activities through a single system.

The new system allows people to complete a number of routines, including file income tax returns for corporations or claim benefits under a joint administration. Additionally, it is also possible to request a prepayment or additional prepayment for a corporation, file self-assessed tax returns, request a payment arrangement, request a tax debt certificate, file gift tax returns, and much more.

– Eija Lönnroth, Program Director at the Finnish Tax Administration

The users' wishes have been taken into account rather flexibly when tailoring the product.

Impact – Project of the year

The Tax Administration runs Finland’s most important service. Reforming the tax system has therefore been a large, complex project that has been a great success. The project was delivered on time, costs were kept under control and the final result exceeded expectations. Valmis also won the 2020 Project of the Year award.


Centralized system for tax administration


Million € in annual cost savings


Project of the year award winner


Transforming governments, transforming societies

OmaVero has been well received, with a clear majority of Finns now using the service to manage their tax affairs. It’s a great example of how the right digital tools, when applied properly, can dramatically transform citizen-government interaction, changing the way societies work.

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