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Case study

Emerging tech takes Oman’s business registry into the future

Oman’s digitalization of its government services has created one of the most welcoming and efficient business environments in the world. Seven years after the successful launch of InvestEasy, its game-changing portal for entrepreneurs, we worked with Oman’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MOCIIP), to create an even more future-ready, efficient and user-friendly service with the help of emerging technology.

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Making the great even better

Over the past two decades, Oman’s ambitious path to digitalization has transformed the way its government provides services to citizens, businesses, investors, and visitors. The quality and ease of use of its digital services is widely recognized – Oman has risen up the ranks of the eGovernment Development Index from 98th place in 2003 to 50th place in 2022.

The Sultanate’s first eGovernment initiative, the InvestEasy portal, was launched in 2015 and transformed the business environment in Oman almost overnight.

In 2023, the portal was hugely successful and widely used, but in need of an upgrade to ensure it remained future-facing.


Upgrading to face the future

The Omani government was keen to optimize the Commercial Registration and activity licensing process, taking advantage of the latest developments in technology to make the process of setting up a business in Oman even more efficient and seamless.

One of the most significant hurdles for foreign investors wishing to register a company in Oman was that InvestEasy could not be accessed without an officially issued PKI card. This prevented foreign investors from registering a new company online, or from managing their Oman companies online if they were already established.

– HE Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef, Minister of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion, Sultanate of Oman

We're making it even easier for businesses to thrive… I very much look forward to the impact of this exciting initiative and the part it will play in expanding and diversifying investment and participation in Oman’s vibrant economy.


Creating a people-centric experience

We believe strongly that a people-centric approach is critical to the success of government e-services.

The creation of a mobile app version of InvestEasy was crucial. This would allow users to access information on the Commercial Registration process and services such as the searchable National Business Registry on their phone. The development of biometric and facial recognition technology, combined with the mobile app, would allow foreign investors to register and authenticate to InvestEasy without the need for a PKI card.

Finally, lease contract functionality would allow investors not only to register a company but to acquire an office lease contract seamlessly through the app.


simpler than the existing process


improvement in efficiency


foreign users expected to onboard


The upgraded platform was launched in November 2023, rebranded as the Oman Business Platform and redesigned to reflect Invest Oman’s marketing language.

New mobile app

A new mobile app that supports KYC through biometrics and facial recognition allows foreign investors to register and authenticate to the platform without the need for a PKI card. The app allows users to check the availability of company names and trademarks, search for existing Commercial Registrations, and track the status of their applications. You can download the app here: Apple store | Google Play store

Investment guide

A comprehensive investment guide, also accessible through the app, sets out everything an investor needs to know about the process of registering a company in Oman, such as the required documents and fees, and likely timeline of any application. To inform and engage new investors even further, users are also able to simulate the process of opening a company on the app.

New services

The new platform makes starting a business in Oman even more efficient. The integration of two further government entities into the platform means that investors can now not only set up their business online, but search for and lease commercial space as part of the same process.

Oman Business Platform app


Oman’s experience has already shown that the right digital tools, applied properly, can transform the way a government interacts with its citizens and businesses. The Oman Business Platform clearly displays the three vital principles of a successful e-government service:

  • A single point of contact and authentication for users.
  • A people-centric approach, where services are relevant and the customer experience is intuitive and based around the user journey.
  • Future facing – it is built with the future in mind.

The result for investors and businesses in Oman is a more efficient, lower-cost experience, while the Government has the security of a future-proof, flexible and cost-effective infrastructure.

The Business Platform is the key to Oman’s well-earned reputation as an accessible, efficient and friendly place to do business.

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