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Nortal undertakes another systems reform in the Finnish public sector

The Roti project is based on the 2006 reform of the Prison Act and the merger of the Prison Administration, the Probation Service, and the Criminal Sanctions Agency into the Criminal Sanctions Agency in 2010. The separate customer information systems of the Prison Administration and the Probation Service will be replaced by a single joint Roti information system, which will be transferred to production and maintenance in a controlled manner.

The single-supplier model also supports the further development needs of case management systems. At the beginning of the contract period, Nortal will take overall responsibility for the maintenance and development of the Roti system. The life cycle goal of the new information system is set at 15–20 years.

The task of the project is to develop the activities of the Criminal Sanctions Agency by harmonizing the work processes of community sanctions and imprisonment and eliminating duplication of work. With the Roti system, working with suspects and convicted offenders forms a continuum in which information flows seamlessly from one employee to another. At the heart of customer work at Roti is the continuous evaluation to focus work on the right risks and needs. The customer information management and ERP information system is shared and fully electronic for all officials of the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency.

The Legal Center acts as an IT service center whose main task is to develop and maintain modern and user-friendly information systems for the needs of the administration of justice.

“In all our operations, we strive for high quality and cost-efficiency. We have systematically developed our information systems maintenance processes. It is great that we got a new supplier from Nortal to provide quality services,” says Mika Nordman, Branch Director of the Legal Register Center.

Nortal has 35 years of experience in modernizing public services in Finland. “The agreement on the maintenance and further development of the new system of the Criminal Sanctions Agency is a natural extension for the solid position and expertise of Nortal as a supplier of system reforms in the state administration. Winning the tender for Roti maintenance and development services further strengthens our position as an expert in digital services in the public sector,” says Harri Koponen, CEO of Nortal Oy, and continues:

“Our goal is to provide a first-class and reliable service experience for the employees of the Criminal Sanctions Agency. The Roti system unifies and simplifies processes to reduce duplication of work and clarify complex processes. The new system meets all the requirements for data processing and only records and processes information that falls within the remit of the Criminal Sanctions Agency. The maintenance and development of such systems is a growing part of Nortal’s Continuous Services business unit.”

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