News October 4th, 2016

Nortal merges with leading Northern European marketing automation company Element

Nortal merges through share swap with Swedish company Element, which is the leading B2B marketing technology and sales strategy company in Northern Europe. The merger marks a brand new service offering in Nortal’s portfolio – Revenue Science.

According to Nortal CEO Priit Alamäe, the merger is part of Nortal Group’s strategic plan of further developing the company’s offering – Nortal Concepts. “With Element, we share the belief that meaningful impact can only be delivered through a combination of strategy, technology and change. Together we are creating a new concept – Revenue Science, where we are now a European leader for the full value chain of demand generation, revenue management and online presence – from strategy and process definition to implementation and integrations,” Alamäe said.

Alamäe added that while the merger marks the expansion of Nortal’s offering to Sweden, it also means the expansion of Element’s service offering to Baltics, Finland, Germany and Gulf region, where Nortal already has a growing presence.

Through the merger, Nortal acquires all shares of Element AB. Element AB shareholders – management and employees of the company – will join the ranks of Nortal’s shareholders, alongside the existing 34 shareholders who are all Nortal’s employees. Element CEO Jonas Ander will strengthen Nortal’s management as new Chief Marketing Officer.

“Strategy, technology and marketing are converging disciplines, the common denominator being big data. Big data is a fundamental consequence of the digital marketing landscape. Nortal, being a thought leader in the field, is the partner we have been looking for to be able to deliver predictive marketing analytics, sustainable change and impact to our clients,” Ander explicates.

The merger transaction value is confidential pursuant to the parties’ agreement. Element financials will be consolidated into Nortal’s financial results from October 2016, bringing the group’s total estimated revenue to 50 million euros in 2017. Nortal was advised by law firm Derling in the transaction.

Element is the leading one-stop-shop for Lead-to-Revenue Management in Northern Europe. The company offers services within B2B sales and marketing processes, ranging from strategy consulting, process transformation Marketing Automation, CRM, content marketing and other marketing and sales software solutions. Element delivers a professionalization of their client’s revenue processes, increased conversion of qualified leads to customers and shorter sales cycles.

Element has executed more than 200 client projects from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, and has an installed a base of more than 100 Marketing Automation and CRM systems, including Salesforce and Marketo platforms. Element has operations in all Nordic countries, Germany and the Middle East with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. The company brings on board a team of 17 highly skilled Revenue Science consultants.

Nortal is a multinational full-service strategic change and technology company that provides services to governments and leading businesses around the world. The company’s mission is to simplify and optimize naturally complex processes in order to create Seamless Societies. Nortal operates in nearly 20 countries and employs over 500 specialists who carry out high-quality, mission-critical and high-impact projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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