News June 7th, 2016

by Nortal

Nortal is a Liferay Service Partner for Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform

Nortal is a Liferay Service Partner for Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform. Since 2009 company deployed numerous Liferay projects and developed more than 20 Liferay-based solutions for enterprises and organizations.

Nortal is an accredited strategic partner for Liferay DXP sales, design and implementation in the Baltics since 2009 with a new presence and growing potential in Finland and the Middle East. Currently, a large, international team of project managers, QA, visual design specialists, analytics and developers are working with the Liferay platform on a daily basis.

As a growing company, we have over 30 Liferay specialists, developers and project managers in the Baltics, Finland and Middle East who keep up with the product enhancements and development trends through Liferay trainings and conferences. We invest in keeping our sales team and specialists up to date with latest Liferay new features and enhancements – and we have a proved track record of passing the acquired expertise on to our clients.

Benefits for clients who chose Liferay as their platform for digital transformation:

  • Open-source platform – flexible, supports standards, reliable, innovative and secure.
  • Modular and a standard approach to the modules – we can have multiple concurrent development teams releasing different business-critical features in the shortest possible time frame. All the portlets are independent yet compatible within the Liferay platform.
  • Excellent content management system (CMS) with great possibilities for workflow and hierarchy management.
  • Secure single-sign-on (SSO) option for all integrated applications.
  • Opportunity to target different personas with personalized offers based on target group, geographic location or permission / log-in status
  • Supports interaction and communication between co-workers inside the corporation.
  • Large variety of portlets are deployable out of the box – lower development costs and shorter timeframes.
  • Custom portlets are easy to develop.
  • Constant improvement of the product.
  • Full range of application servers, databases and operating systems to run on, allowing to leverage infrastructure and enabling continued investment and improvement of skills.
  • Different units inside the corporation can create and manage their own content and define approval processes within their team or organization.
  • Low cost of ownership.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy and Project Management to deploy Data-driven digital experiences on DXP.
  • Creating project-specific custom configurations.
  • Creating new portlets specific to business needs.
  • Administrator and user training.
  • Upgrades to the latest version.

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