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News June 15th, 2022

by Nortal

Nortal will develop the international digital government solution X-Road

Nortal will develop X-Road® core software. The company won a public procurement organized by the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS), a joint organization of Estonia, Finland, and Iceland.

The project will further develop the existing X-Road software, which is the basis for Estonia’s X-tee data exchange layer.

Although X-Road is being developed in collaboration with three countries, the software is used in at least 20 countries, and its user group has members from over 60 countries.

“By now, X-Road has established itself in many countries, and its continuous development supports the ever-widening data exchange concept. Secure data exchange is the cornerstone of a functioning digital society. Therefore, we are especially pleased to be responsible for the work on X-Road’s core solution”, said the CEO of Nortal in Estonia, Ats Albre.

“We are happy to work with Nortal, which has long experience developing digital government solutions. In this start of cooperation, we see a significant opportunity because we believe every new vendor is bringing in new ideas and knowledge, thus complementing the development of X-Road and making it an even better product“, said Ville Sirviö, CEO of NIIS.

Nortal is one of the architects of the Estonian digital government and has previously contributed to the development of the Estonian X-tee, creating self-service environments and document exchange solutions. The Nortal team carries out the development of the X-Road core solution.

X-Road is constantly developed to be a sustainable and attractive platform for secure data exchange.

X-Road is open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides seamless and secure data exchange between organizations. Since 2018, X-Road has been jointly developed by Estonia, Finland, and Iceland through NIIS.

X-tee is the data exchange layer of the Estonian state, to which almost 1000 private, public and third sector organizations have joined. In Finland, a similar data exchange layer based on X-Road is called Data Exchange Layer and in Iceland Straumurinn. 

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