News January 5th, 2022

by Nortal

Nortal becomes first Estonian company to join Digital Cooperation Organization

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) has today announced the expansion of its membership to include Nortal, a leading digital transformation company, to work collaboratively globally on digital inclusion and the empowerment of youth, entrepreneurs, and women in the digital economy.

The DCO is a global multilateral organization established to enable digital prosperity for all, with a focus on digital economy initiatives supporting youth, entrepreneurs, and women. The DCO has member state countries with a combined population of half a billion people, with Nortal joining as an official observer.

Nortal is a leading global technology company headquartered in Tallinn with a footprint in 18 countries across Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Nortal has joined the Digital Cooperation Organization as an official observer organization to promote the inclusive development of the global digital economy. Nortal’s membership in the DCO builds on the company’s position as a global digital economy leader, and adds to the DCO’s growing international membership base.

DCO Secretary-General, Her Excellency Deemah AlYahya said: “We are very pleased to welcome Nortal to the DCO family and look forward to building a constructive partnership together. Nortal’s expertise in e-government, cybersecurity, digital commerce, digital healthcare, and artificial intelligence will be of huge benefit to all DCO member states.

“Nortal and the DCO share the same global vision of building a seamless digital society where every person has a fair opportunity to prosper. Today’s announcement reaffirms the DCO’s commitment to multilateral collaboration with governments and private sector organizations across the world to facilitate build an inclusive global digital economy.”

Nortal becomes the first Estonian headquartered company to join the DCO, bringing aboard vast experience in building a digital seamless society as the company has planned and implemented over 40% of Estonia’s digital transformation.

Priit Alamäe, Nortal Founder and CEO, commented saying “Over the past 20 years, Nortal has accumulated a unique experience by playing an essential part in Estonian digitalization story. It has continued with helping governments, healthcare institutions, and leading businesses in the GCC region, Germany, Finland, and the US with their digitalization efforts. Thus, we are honored to partner with a global multilateral like the DCO to jointly accelerate the growth of the digital economy and increase social prosperity across the world. We see a lot of overlap in our aspirations to support digital transformation, empower entrepreneurs and start-ups, and promote digital inclusion across different social groups.”

The announcement continues the DCO’s ambitious global membership expansion goals to partner with governments, leading technology companies, and non-profits to create global digital prosperity. The DCO agenda includes high-impact initiatives to enhance cross-border data flows, support for market expansion for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the empowerment of entrepreneurs, women, and youth.

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