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Nortal Awarded as TrendMiner Partner of the Year 2022

TrendMiner recognizes Nortal for their exceptional commitment to their customers in the industry, IT/OT expertise, drive to tackle challenges, and use of TrendMiner.

Nortal is proud to be recognized as TrendMiner’s Partner of the Year 2022. The award is a testament to Nortal’s team approach, dedication to the industry’s challenges, successful customer deliveries, and expertise in the IT/OT convergence. The award was presented during the annual partner kick off event, where Ergin Tuganay, Head of Industry 4.0 at Nortal, discussed his experiences in Digital Transformation.

“We are honored to receive this award and to be recognized for our efforts in supporting our customers’ digital transformation journey,” said Ergin Tuganay. “At Nortal, we believe that building a solid business case and identifying the key success criteria are essential before embarking on any digital transformation project.”

Tuganay emphasized the need for a cultural mindset shift, where data is identified as a key asset, and not just a byproduct of production. Nortal has been introducing modern cloud-native solutions to access data and enable self-service capabilities with TrendMiner. Aligning digitalization goals with a company’s overall strategic goals is an essential step in advancing on a digitalization journey.

“We promote bringing people in and promoting data democratization,” Tuganay said. “We heavily promote bringing in process engineers, production engineers, and maintenance engineers who run daily operations on the manufacturing or production shop floor.”

Working with the right partners bring added value for the end users 

Since then, their collaboration has been successful. As Tuganay explained, Nortal had been searching for an advanced industrial analytics software partner for five years that would fit within its architecture, and the partnership with TrendMiner has been pleasantly successful.

The same feels Hanne Neyens, Director of Partners and Strategic Projects at TrendMiner,

It’s great to work with industry specialists with focus and drive to bring top solutions to their customers. We have many opportunities in the pipeline for partnership with Nortal, and I can only be confident that we will be successful together in 2023.”

Both parties look forward to continuing the successful partnership, helping clients navigate their digital transformation journey. With a focus on its customers, expertise in the IT/OT convergence, and a commitment to promoting data democratization, Nortal is confident in its ability to continue delivering successful solutions in partnership with TrendMiner in 2023 and beyond.

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