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Burgers on Cloud goes Jyväskylä - join us for Microsoft Azure IoT Edge developers edition!

Welcome to join us for Nortal’s top-notch insights of industrial IoT and Azure cloud experience from Developers point of view – both burgers and refreshments are also included!

Topics of the event:

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge – Developers Edition

When and where:

Tuesday, 13th December 17:00-20:00 at CrazyTown (Jyväskylä), Learning Café space (Entering from Väinönkatu side). We will start with premium burgers and refreshments, and the presentation will begin at 17.30.

Language of the event:


How to sign up:

Please use our registration page to sign up!

Premises are suitable for max. 40 participants. You’ll find more information from the confirmation email that will be sent to you after registration.

More information about the topic and event:

We will take a deep dive into building tailor made solutions on top of Azure IoT Edge platform. This session will give you new ideas on how to design and implement a scalable production ready solution in Azure IoT Edge.

We will focus on the best practice building solution in Azure IoT Edge: real-time data ingestion through edge to cloud and write-back from cloud. We will showcase how modern cloud-native approaches can be used to fulfill and exceed the demanding expectations of hard-boiled industrialist developers.

What will you learn:

• How to build IoT solutions by using Azure Cloud and IoT Edge
• What needs to be considered when building Azure IoT solutions to the production
• How to use modern software development practices in the scope of IoT Solutions

Our hands-on demo today will be based on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge module and Azure services.

Our speakers:

Anssi Pannula, Cloud Architect at Nortal (Jyväskylä office). Anssi has +15 years of experience in software development from various industries. He is experienced building and running solutions in the production in B2C and B2B sectors and has focused with hands-on experience in IIoT and Azure Platform.

Petri Rönkkö, Business Area Director at Nortal (Jyväskylä office). Petri is a business leader with +15 years of experience in IT consulting business. He is helping companies to succeed in their digital transformation journeys emphasizing cloud native thinking, modern technologies, and DevOps principles. Petri established Nortal’s Jyväskylä office in 2021.

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