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Neste implements a way of finding out fuel's origin efficiently

The sustainability portal for Neste’s raw material suppliers, developed by us, is one of the first of its kind in the biofuels sector. The portal is tailored to Neste’s continually growing renewable products business. It is a new kind of digital platform for the approval and induction processes of new raw material suppliers. 

With the portal, Neste suppliers can create a public profile to prove they are certified, show what they produce and what it’s like to work in their facilities

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Neste is the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and they are constantly developing the world’s most advanced fuels, even after six decades of oil refining. The company was looking for a revolutionary idea to shape the way they manage their highly complicated supply chains and track supplier sustainability and bio compliance.  


The sustainability portal for Neste’s raw material suppliers is a new kind of digital platform for the approval and induction processes of new raw material suppliers. The portal supports continuous collaboration and communication within Neste, and with its raw material suppliers and other stakeholders. Additionally, it also enables the collection, production and crystallization of data, especially within the supply chain, and in the future for external stakeholders as well. 

The idea was to create an ecosystem where suppliers, Neste’s supply chain planners, and NGO auditors can enter information and applications into the system to make it useful for everyone. In the portal, Neste suppliers would create a public profile to prove that they are certified, what they produce and what it is like to work in their facilities in general. This is linked to supply chain planning tools and a dashboard for a clearly visualized overview.  


– Neste’s Sustainability Specialist Eveliina Vikström

With this digital system and the data it enables us to collect and present, we aim to make Neste a clear forerunner in supply chain sustainability and transparency. We also hope to inspire others to follow us on the same path.


Thanks to 17 years of experience with Neste and the expertise of our people, we integrated the solution into Neste’s existing systems. Added value is delivered through the integrated supply chain planning tools, as knowing where the suppliers are and what kinds of shipments they can produce, the network can be turned into a visualized map and supplier comparison system.

Highlights of the project were that the cooperation parties came together to think of ways to achieve the cleanest and most sustainable fuel possible and a secure livelihood for oil suppliers. With a transparent supply chain that reaches from producer to consumer, each person has the chance to not only look at the price at the pump but also which part of the planet it is coming from.

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